Thank you Coach A

For coaching tonight

Playing the zone was essential

Thank you

The zone defense really disrupted their offense.

Yes, the zone was critical. We certainly needed the W. WPS.

I was impressed with Mike’s move to use Zone.

Mike surprised me and he deserves credit. With a shallow guard depth we need a break from the stress and fatigue of pressing, man with traps, switches, etc. I would not be so upset this year if he didn’t repeat these same problems multiple years. Multiple seasons have dipped until he decided to use zone which saved the players bodies and improved play (the perimeter defense is better, rebounders are around the basket, etc.). I think long and quick guys like CJ, Hall, Bailey, and Macon are good defenders in the zone. I think ZONE helps Trey Thompson by keeping him from switching on to small quick guys away from the basket. Trey can stay in the lane area to patrol and rebound while not getting exhausted with trapping man & switches.

One of the announcers said last night that at this time of the year most coaches are trimming their rotation to about 8 players but Anderson is expanding his to 10, There may be something to this fatigue factor and just maybe Anderson, contrary to some opinions, knows what he is doing in regards to getting ready for tournament time.

Nah, his system is outdated, he doesn’t run any offense, he gets outcoached every game, and he never switches defenses. He clearly has no idea what he’s doing. At least that’s what I learned from reading expert opinions on here every week.

I sure hope so.