Thank-you CMA

Aloha Coach Anderson,

Thank-you for all of your effort, sweat, toil and heart you put into the UA basketball program, its players and coaches. You restored the UA basketball program in many vital areas including academics and off court behavior. You were and are an outstanding role model for everyone fortunate enough to be in your circle. You are a man of faith and integrity. I can’t remember any previous UA coach who was released who is held in such high esteem by everyone as yourself…not so much by your success on the court, but more importantly, for the man you are on and off the court.

The Nolan Richardson/ Mike Anderson era is complete. It shall always be fondly remembered and cherished. Thank-you.


Very well said.

I’ve known Mike for around 40 years. He’s always been a high integrity person. There is not one person I know who can say anything but good things about the man.

Thanks guynhawaii. for reminding us about how fortunate we were to have Mike lead our basketball program and represent our state.

Thank you Mike Anderson. We appreciate your dedication, hard work, class and integrity. Blessings to you and your family.

Amen to that. Thank you Mike and crew.


Completely agree! Wishing him, his family, and staff the very best, always. Thanks for everything Coach!

Excellent post and 100% on cue.
Thank You Mike Anderson for bringing respectability and integrity back to AR Basketball.
Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

100% agree.

Good post, OP! ghg