Thank you admins for removing Gus

Related threads. Time for a fresh start!

with his name in the title? :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost never read the boards from the boards themselves, so I had not noticed how congested this board had gotten until yesterday. I usually read via the Unread Posts listing.

That said, the pinned posts were taking up too much board real estate. Most of them had been unstuck by the time that I looked this morning. I did unstick one, so it’s much cleaner now. :sunglasses:

Ditto ,good move. Bring these back in 2018 the week before we play Auburn to get us ready.

Why? Gus will probably have been fired by then. :twisted:

Yeah you are right about that! Or we can hope!

Good points but I assumed (I know, I know) that Auburn would not pull a TAM right away and figure they had just paid up for something they could have done for free a year earlier but probably not best to assume that.