Thank goodness we took the high road and fired Petrino

Many can say what they want but if his actions were so egregious to the point of no return then he wouldn’t be coaching at all, not even at Louisville. If he served his sentence he deserves the opportunity to be reinstated if he chooses to apply for the position…Petrino took this football team to heights never seen in my tenure as a fan no other coach in my memory ever had us in the conversation for a National title and ranked top three in the country having the best offense in the best league. He did deserve to get fired but that is over now if not then he should get the Jo Pa treatment and be banned from coaching period. No one is above reproach, true, but the only reason he is not the coach today is because of the pride of those who claim to know better than the fans. Arkansas fired him to simply save face

And we already look stupid so trying to save face at this point is redundant

Soon to be 7 years, SEVEN YEARS, and we’re still debating Petrino? Come on now. It’s time to move on. That ship has sailed, and rightly so.

If that ship sailed back would you be upset?

He’s not exactly setting the world on fire at UL. At his current rate, they might let us have him back.

No, thanks. He’s a reason we are where we are today.

You must not be very old. In 2006 we were a muffed punt by a freshman away from an SEC title, with an outside chance at the NC game if we had hung on to win.

Petrino wasn’t here long enough to provide a good enough gauge as to what kind of coach he would be long term. His career record shows that it wasn’t likely for him to keep having the types of seasons he had in 2010 and 2011. He is a great offensive coach that sacrifices his defense for the sake of scoring a lot of points. That makes him a good, not great, head coach in my book, evident by the fact that he has one conference championship in 14 years.

Would you not take Petrino over Morris today?

Petrino made a major mistake. Hiring JD was stupid. He lied about his affair with JD. Historically, men have denied that they were having or had an affair.

Jeff Long fired Petrino because he denied the affair and did not disclose the hiring of JD. If Long was the great administer, he surely knew that JD had signed an employment contract with the football program. He hated Petrino because of Petrino’s success and growing power in the athletic department. Petrino was an asshole and a jerk and did not treat others in the athletic department well at all.

The Razorbacks had 3 football teams that won 11 games. 1964 NC team Frank Broyles. 1977. Lou Holtz 2011 Bobby Petrino. 2 out of the 3 were jerks. All 3 were excellent coaches and won against tough competition.

Does football success trump moral shortcomings? It seems that way at Ohio State.
You can study history but you cannot go back in time. The Petrino era ended and there is no way to go back in time and relive what might have happened if he was treated like Urban Meyer and allowed to keep his job. Petrino was a spectacular offensive tactician and he out coached everyone in the SEC except Nick Saban. None of that matters now.

Is Coach Morris the right man for the job? I don’t know. He has had a horrible start. SEC play starts this week and based on the results so far, It does not look good. I think that CMM deserves some time to build his program. I hope that he can enter the 11 win club in time. I am going to remain a Hog fan this year and hope that the rest of the year will yield something to build on. WPS.

Then again, so did Frank Broyles.

JFB didn’t win his first game at Arkansas until November. Think of that. If a coach now started 0-6, he might not ever get to his first November. This board would melt down if we ever start 0-6 again, I know that.

It was not just the affair or the hire.

It was also not a decision solely made by Jeff Long.

I think you’ve told us everything we need to know about you with those two statements right there. Keeping Petrino after what he did wouldn’t have embarrassed you while getting fooled on a punt return is terribly embarrassing.

Do you really believe this? He was the 21st highest paid coach in the country last year - more than Kentucky, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc paid their coaches. If he were so toxic that Louisville were the “only place” he could work, why would they make him the 3rd in his conference and 21st in the country highest paid coach? Nobody would hire him anyway, right? Remember that Western Kentucky hired him after AR - so you should at least say 2 places if you want make such absurd comments.

You don’t have to throw logic out the window in order to make the point that Petrino did not meet your standards of virtue.

Yep. Exactly right. And I guarantee you would have been leading the Hog calls had Petrino stayed and he kept on winning like he did. As it stands now, the NY Times is writing national articles about how weak we are and don’t belong in the SEC. That’s as embarrassing if not moreso than the punt return. Hope you and the other fans of “football is fun again” enjoy reading that. Ridiculous. Just like the UA football program.

Agree 100%

Petrino is poison. Some of our fans are still infected, seven years later. I don’t miss him a bit and no matter how bad it gets and how many NCs he wins, I’ll never, ever want him back. Ever. I’m kinda glad he hit the ditch. Let somebody else embarrass themselves. I would suggest that hiring him in the first place is why we’re in the spot we are now.

The reason we are in the spot we are in now — a lot of really PO’d fans like me — is that Petrino proved elite-level winning could happen at the UA even if Saban was coaching at Bama and other elite coaches were at other SEC West schools. So, yes, you are right. But for hiring Petrino, we would not be in this spot. Had Long not hired him, we’d have a Jim Grobe or Tommy Bowden type and might have already run ourselves off to the Big 12.

No one will ever convince me that Petrino should have been fired. Rarely overmatched from a talent standpoint, detail oriented, could motivate players, and never overmatched from standpoint of brains on the sideline. With Bobby you knew you’d never get out coached on game day. The motorcycle? Just handle it and don’t get your feelings hurt. No lawsuits; if there are, settle them.

As Mr. Spock on Star Trek would say, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

Let’s all finally realize Hog fans are “the many.” We needed to keep Bobby, regardless of whether he was a jerk to little Jeff (“the one”).

He could motivate players everywhere but to go to class. The APR numbers were woefully bad during his tenure and we’re about to cost the Hogs.

It doesn’t matter as any more. That ship has passed. Time to live in the present.

This argument will continue until we turn the program around. I’m firmly in the winning at any cost is not really winning crowd. And no amount of message board junk will change my mind. To each his own.