Thank goodness we took the high road and fired Petrino

Insert sarcasm here. Y’all can say no use in rehashing the past and that’s fine. Long got all the praise
for doing the right thing and it got Long
fired. College football coaches aren’t paid to be preachers. They’re paid to win. I think Morris can win but we were on the right track with Petrino. I’m embarrassed to say I’m a Razorback right now.

I wondered to my family last night when I’d read this today. Took longer than I expected. I do not ache to have Petrino return. I think there are very few places that he could work. Louisville is about the only place that I know.

Sorry you feel that way. As for me I’ll never be embarrassed to be a Razorback. Win, lose or draw I’m proud to wear my Hog gear anywhere, anytime.

Frustrated too. Winning is important but winning at any cost is not.

Bobby Petrino fired Bobby Petrino when he hired the woman he was sleeping with without telling anybody. Then lied to his boss when asked about it. I’d expect to get fired from my job as well if I did that. That’s not the Athletic Director taking the “high road”, that is ridding yourself of a major liability.

Then he hired the Penguin, like replacing a race horse with a three legged donkey and expecting to win the Kentucky Derby, Petrino wasn’t perfect but he could coach and win.

Petrino should have been fired…Now if you had substituted Hatfield and/or Nutt, you have a serious point. Both those situations could have and should have been handled much more judiciously - basically not allowing disgruntled fans to call the shots.

Twobit, if you are embarrassed to say you are a hog, just maybe you are not one?

Petrino had to go - simple as that

That is the Post of The Year.

Thanks for the judgement my man. You have no idea who I am or how big a hog fan I am. To each his own but that’s outta line. Saw my first Razorback game in person as a toddler, graduated from Arkansas, donate to the university, have been a paying member f this board since 1997 and still attend games almost every year. Don’t give me that crap.

Twobit is 100% correct. Petrino didn’t need to be fired. It’s a joke to think otherwise. And had he been retained, he would’ve showed proper contrition, would’ve won, and would have had fans and media members singing his praises. Yeah, he’s a jerk. But he won enough for us poor little Arkansas fans. That’s the most important thing.

So glad we still have fans who think Petrino didn’t emabarrass the entire state when he fell of his bike. People still mock us by posting the picture from that presser. If that doesn’t make you mad, then all hope for you is lost. He messed up and paid for it. Get over it. Move on.

While Bobby Petrino did a tremendous job coaching the Hogs, to think that he was taking Arkansas to SEC and national titles had he stayed wasn’t realistic.

People forget that in 2011, that team had to come back in the fourth quarter to beat 2-10 Ole Miss and HDN and then Vanderbilt missed a FG the next week that would’ve forced OT.

He was losing A LOT off that team and 2012 was no guarantee to be another 10-win season, even with a No. 8 preseason national ranking. They probably would’ve gone 7-5 or 8-4 and then it probably would’ve been more of the same in 2013.

Let’s say he had managed a 9-win season in 2012. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have taken another job? Oregon and Tennessee were both open, and Louisville may have enticed him to come back as well. There was nothing to suggest that Petrino was dead set on ending his career in Fayetteville. The dude has had 13 different stops in a 30-year coaching career.

I don’t need anyone’s hope, brother. And frankly, I’m more embarrassed by yesterday’s punt return video which is being replayed nationally everywhere you look. It’s illustrative of how badly we suck at football here in the Ozarks. What a nightmare…but wait till next year.

I’m curious, what makes you guys think he would’ve continued to win here? He was 8-5 last year with a Heisman winning QB in an easier conference. He put together a couple of really good years here, but there’s nothing in his career that shows he could’ve maintained that level of success, which still was not good enough to win the west and get to ATL.

Long over played his hand demanding Petrino take pay cut he knew coach could not take.

He wanted spotlight of firing him for his own purposes.

Holtz was not a nice guy to staff either.

Petrino was a number 5 AP finish and no one knows how he would have done in future. No one.

He had an affair and bad judgement. Throw a rock at Other major pogram coaches.

Some say fire him twice some say should have kept.

All I know is he had a top 5 national program.

Agree with you Hollywood. One really good year doesn’t constitute a really good coaching career. Louisville had to come from behind to beat a winless Western Kentucky team Saturday and did so by only three points. A Western Kentucky team that got beat by Maine.

Before anyone says it, yes Louisville would beat the Hogs this year. That’s not what this thread is about.

Football program left with Petrino…

Clay’s post (the second one in this thread) said it all. Petrino. Had. To. Go!!!

Even though he had to go, he is the best game day coach and play caller we ever had.

When he got fired, I said to my friend that it set the program back a decade. It’s still costing us.