Thank Goodness My Trail Camera Has Good Info

Lots of good deer on it! So, my fall will be salvaged if I get lucky bagging one of these fine animals. One more week! And I’ve got plenty of good gobbled turkeys in my food plot too! Just hope we don’t get a big backwater this year in the lower Ouachita so they hang around until spring, so my boys can hunt them.

Maybe we can squeak out a win this Saturday? Either way, I’m ready for some fresh jerky and sausage. I’ve got a place down here that makes grilling sausage with pepper jack cheese, jalapeños and pineapple in it! I thought that stuff wouldn’t taste good…until I tried it. My crew eats that stuff as fast as I grill it. Cheddar and jalapeño is good also…but something about that pineapple is “the bomb”

Sorry folks for getting off topic, but I’m ready for deer season. And the fellowship, like cleaning or processing a deer while listening to the Hogs. Beats the heck out of work!


I had to stop putting feed in my feeder! I have plenty of deer and turkey but the black bear that showed up have caused me to stop. It too close to the house and there are a lot of kids close! The black bear had a little one still hanging with her!
I hope you get a good one! Most importantly enjoy being out hunting.
My 8 year old son is biting at the bit to shot one this year! I have made him sit and watch them from the stand so he knows how to be still and wait.
We will put some yoyo’s out and try to catch some crappie while we hunt so that’s a bonus.


Sounds like fun guys. Enjoy!

After the last 18 months of dealing with cancer it’s time for some fun!

Good luck to you and Hogdr,going out in the morning with my 10 yr old grandson, hoping for the best for him, our Hogs and you guys. WPS

You are absolutely right about Mama and her cub. That is about the only time that bears are aggressive around humans. The only time I have been scared hunting was when Mama and two cubs came by my stand and starting eating corn. It was getting dark so I yelled at them to encourage them to leave. Mama ran off and the cubs climbed different trees within 30 yards of my stand. I waited about 15 minutes and it got really dark. Finally, I climbed out of my stand and ran to my Jeep about 150 yards away. The scariest thing was my only weapon was a muzzleloader and fortunately I did not have to count on it to fire. So yes, avoid Mama and her cubs.

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