Thank God For This Recruiting Class!

If we were not having the type of success recruiting, this season would be a nightmare.
Coach Morris is in a tough situation where the lack of depth in the offensive line and defensive backfield is so thin that sitting these long time players (long time failing) is nearly impossible.
It is very hard to judge the other offensive position groups when the offensive line is such a train wreck. Dropped balls of course is easy to judge but the rest is clouded over by Storey running for his life on every play.
What Rakeem Boyd has done this year is pretty amazing. He might be a Heisman candidate if he had even a decent offensive line.
The realistic steps I would take if I were CCM:

  1. Suspend Pulley and Curl for the first half of the Missouri game if you can without wasting someone’s red shirt season.
  2. Waste no one’s red shirt season for a meaningless game.
  3. Make sure every player knows that this final game is the start of next season and if you expect to play you had better bring it in Columbia. If you can’t bring it under those circumstances you probably never will and that will be noted.
  4. Contact every committed recruit and tell them to come to school ready to play. Assure them that if they play up their potential what happened this year will never happen again.
  5. Get those JUCO offensive linemen committed and signed in December. And if they can come in January even better.

I remember when CCM arrived at Arkansas and had the chance to evaluate his new players I thought he would be thrilled with the upgrade in talent that he had compared to SMU. That never happened except when discussing the tight ends and running backs. That surprised me at the time, but now I think I understand it. He had to see the lack of speed, lack of linemen, lack of densive backs and lack of winning attitude.
I think he will get this turned around. There will be some addition through subtraction thanks to graduation and players realizing they are not SEC quality. We will be starting from scratch in our two weakest areas, O-line and DB. And in the long run that may be a blessing, because I am sick of watching those two areas fail game after game, season after season. They have to become our strengthes, not our glaring weaknesses.