Thamel: Texas move to SEC shows humility

Which is not something you expect from the Fightin’ Fallopians.

And this quote from a Big 12 type: “They’re going to be fighting for sixth or seventh place in the SEC.”


It sure didn’t seem very humble of them when they sent out that tweet yesterday bragging about their record against every SEC team. (Who would have thought Vanderbilt would have by far the best record, and one of only two winning records, against them?)

I think it was a Texas fan site and not the actual university that sent it out, though.

I’m ultimately not opposed to OU and them joining, though I’ve had mixed emotions. I just hope it’s not the boost UT has needed to finally get their program on the right track and live up to its potential.

Excellent find Jeff. Coming to the SEC with hat in hand is how I frame the move. Love it.

Texas isn’t walking in humble, but that will change pretty quick with a real schedule week-in and out. I hope the SEC office treats them like they do us in scheduling; brutal and embarrassing for the fan base. I have my doubts that will happen, they will end up like Mizzo’s scheduling compared to ours.

They have no idea what the word even means. I guess they do. That is how others are suppose to approach texass. You are to prostrate yourself as you approach the throne in Austin. I can think of another prostrate that is more appropriate.

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