Thamel: Coaches upset with SEC

This is interesting. We’ll talk with Sam Pittman later today and ask if he can provide any context.

Is was a cowardly, despicable, and biased set up and they know it.


That’s putting it mildly adgebg…sigh…

The formula was quite simple, the SEC did all possible to protect the top ranked programs to stack the deck in getting at least 1 maybe 2 teams into the CFP and to hell with any balance or fairness with the scheduling of the 2 conference add-on games.
I would really like to see so much chaos with this season that the P5 conferences are broken up and a complete Regional and Geographic realignment of all NCAA Conferences is the end result. Let’s face the fact that we have never been truly embraced as a member of the SEC and likely never will be.

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Personally, I’d like to see a regional conference that would look something like the following for the Hogs.

Mississippi State
Oklahoma State
Ole Miss
Texas A&M
Texas Tech

I don’t blame them. Missouri & we got screwed. I’d bet Vanderbilt did, too. We should have been matched with Vanderbilt. One of us would have won that game.

If the season is completed, which I still doubt, there might be a conference champion, but there’s no way to have a legitimate national champion. Not that I care that much about that. Still, even if there’s some 4 team playoff, if both the BIG & Pac are left out, it’s not as meaningful a title.

I bet Saban didn’t get upset.

I’m almost as tired of Bama getting good treatment as I was of Texass getting it back in the SWC.

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I’d throw in a couple of other similar descriptive words, but this is a family-friendly board.

Seems to me the formula was very simple, give the top 4 teams the best chance to fight it out by giving them the easiest schedules… oh how I wish we could pull off a couple of miracles!!. Bama and Georgia in the championship game

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I think that’s exactly what happened. The fact that no one can give the coaches the formula makes me believe it more firmly.

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Pittman said a few minutes ago during the presser that he basically had no comment on what happened during the SEC coaches call.

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There is little doubt.

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And only one person made the schedule. No back and forth? No discussion? No differing scenarios? Even with a tight schedule, with 3 people it probably could have been done in 3 days, and that should not have been a problem.

Sankey must be hiding under his desk. Had to know what kind of feedback was coming.

Is it really any surprise with the scheduling? Alabama has been running the SEC since the Bear Bryant era and will continue to do so. If we had the SEC office in Fayetteville, we might have gotten a break.

All this scheduling stuff may not matter because it is highly doubtful the entire schedule will be played.

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