Thad Matta?



We could do worse, I think. But his departure from tOSU was in part due to his health issues and I don’t know if those are still a problem.

If he’s healthy he’s a really good coach. 2 Final Fours, 5 Big Ten conf championships, 4 Big Ten tournament championships, Elite 8 at Xavier. And only 51.

This is a name that keeps coming to mind for me. He’s 51 and already has a borderline Hall of Fame resumè. If he is healthy and wants to get back into coaching, he’s going to be a hot commodity this offseason. I’ve seen his name floated for the Alabama job, too. He has some ties to people associated with the Arkansas program. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but is worth noting.

It’s also worth nothing that his past is virtually all in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Would he want to step out of his comfort zone from a regional standpoint?

He has a fantastic resume on paper, but he really started to struggle at the end of his Ohio State tenure. He was having health problems, his recruiting had declined significantly, and a lot of players transferred. If his health is better and he hires the right staff, it could work, but I feel that there is a risk of this being like a Danny Ford kind of hire where too much emphasis is placed on the resume.

Or he could be another Rick Barnes if he gets back into coaching. You never know.

I think it is pretty vital to get a guy familiar with this region, unless it’s a huge name that will have nationwide appeal. I don’t think you can count on a plug ‘n play from another region of the country. See UT and Shaka Smart. We shall see.

No offense but i sure as hell don’t want Thad Matta. Not a Homerun hire to me. If we hire Thad, we should’ve kept Mike.

To piggyback on your statement, I’d be interested to know what “region” you consider Arkansas to be. It’s a discussion I have had quite a bit over the years because the campus is kind of a geographical oddity in the far northwest corner of a Mid-South state. Is Arkansas a southern school? Midwest? Obviously, in the past Arkansas has had success recruiting areas like Memphis, Kansas City, North Texas and Oklahoma in all sports, including basketball. But beyond that, what region do you target?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he have to resign from Ohio State due to health issues? Also, didn’t he get in trouble with NCAA, or am I thinking of someone else?

I don’t think he ever had any compliance issues. He is generally regarded as a coach who did things right.

From what I’ve read, he has struggled with some back and foot problems the past several years. He had back surgery in 2007 and it caused a permanent disability in one of his feet called Foot Drop.

Great coach and has always been nice to me on recruiting trail.

Not sure about the fit although some of that could be overcome with staffing.

Ah ok, thanks for the info. Interesting choice. I’d forgotten about him, but I remember he did get OSU to a couple of Final 4s.

An interesting choice. But the University would have to consider the health issue. He could keep Scotty on staff and hire a few others from our SEC region to help.

It will be interesting to watch how far Rick goes this year and starting next year. So far, he has not proved Texas wrong. He almost proved them right last weekend.