TexASS retains....

Smart. Good for them.

I suppose that is good information for those pining for Beard.

Coaching changes make for interesting reads on this board. I’m pretty impressed with the lack of information coming out of the search. But I’ll hold judgement on the hire (whoever it is) until he wins a lot of basketball games.

Five straight wins after being 16-16.

One wonders what would have happened here if that had happened.

I also wonder how small a crowd would have been there if Arkansas was playing.

Texas-Lipscomb did not have many fans at all.

Hard to make it to NYC for a Thursday game for Lipscomb fans. Our ilk have Bible study on Wednesday nights.






Me too


Harding class ‘04

Class of 21, second degree

This proves to the naysayers how important NIT is. Hopefully Wally will stop calling it National Insignificant Tournament.

NIT is important, especially if you can get all home games to advance to Final Four. A win over Florida at SECT might just have given us at least two home games.