Texass loses to Turtles

And those ever classy Texas fans throwing stuff on the field. Nice. Looks like their talent is overrated under Tom Herman just like it was under Charlie Strong. Giving up half a hundred to Maryland?

I live in Austin and the natives are ready to burn this city to the ground right now.

Glorious day here in Austin! I may buy 100 newspapers tomorrow and deliver locally myself. Couldn’t happen to a more pompous fan base.

“SnowFlake City”. Hopefully, the Campus doesn’t burn tonight. Hope I never see Hog fans throw stuff on the field.

I guess the #23 Texas was overrated. Maybe Tom Herman should start his 5 year plan! For future employment.
Hard for the media to rank a team that was under 500 last year and did not go to a bowl game.
The classless fan base needs to act with a little class. Maybe it’s the I-35 thing along with Baylor! Anytime Texas gets beat we should celebrate.

Oh my How the mighty have fallen

Looks like EOEA has been surpassed by Tex A&M as The Program for Texas

Poor UT it’s ever controlling ways finally killed it

Yo, Army, you really think Herman will have five years to set things right in Austin?

This season is a success already…

Eurohog. Herman may have an early exit if he don’t have a better attitude in press conferences. Herman may have the same problem that Bucky has in Florida. That is they both may be in over their head.
The big oilmen boosters can buy him out anytime and send him packing. With what these coaches get paid they shouldn’t have to work but 5 years and retire. Oh course they may be poor mangers financially! If Herman survives 3 years down in Austin I’ll be surprised

I was hearing that the Herman hysteria of the last 6 months was going to impact recruiting for all the other schools trying to sign Texas talent. UT’s relationships with Texas HS football coaches was supposedly going to get much better. I hope that this loss and negativity leaves the door open for the other schools like UofA hahahahaha. They may look better against San Jose St this week but this loss will be hard to overcome because they play the USC Trojans in 2 weeks. The month of Sept will be tough on the Shorthorns.

Texas has an aggressive non conference schedule. They play people. I at least give them credit for that. The Hogs have some work to do in that department. I realize TCU this year, and I also realize what Michigan did to us in backing out. Still…

It will be interesting to see if Herman is the savior everybody thought down there. I really do have my doubts. But we shall see.

I guarantee you when Texas booked this game with Maryland they thought it’d be an easy win against a lower-level Power 5 team. Kinda like it would be if we scheduled Kansas. So it’s a little premature to congratulate them on their scheduling. Of course Baylor thought yesterday would be an easy win too. Oops.

Texas does play at USC in a couple weeks. The Broomheads will mop the field with them guaranteed. Before that is San Jose State which I’m sure they view as another guaranteed win.

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Texas boasts about a great left tackle. He is huge. But he got called for holding three times and could have been called for about four more holds. I am on the football writers All-America committee. I will say something about him in our first conference call in a couple of weeks.

Best observation of this season yet

If only I could be a fly on the wall for that call … Wooooo PIG Sooooweet!

We can only hope our recruiting improves in Texas

I suspect that TAMU has become what old UT was in recruiting- and Arkansas will return to having a solid place as a Texas athlete opportunity because of the SEC

I hope I hope I hope Arkansas needs lots of Texas talent to round out the home grown Arkansas talent

We also got to keep Gus and Dabin out of Arkansas

Sounds like Tom Herman may be eating humble pie! The grass was not greener in longhorn country. In Houston he had a easy conference to compete in and he was winning. I sure hope he enjoys all that cash. He better save some because that rainy day will come.
The longhorn fans are enduring tough times and have had classes rated high in recruiting rankings. No figure. Those stars don’t mean wins! I’m happy for them.