Texass jumps out on TAM 1-0 in the top of the first

Left two runners on base.

So far in Omaha, there have been no lead changes. First team to score won.

Well this game can’t end in a tie somebody has to win! I just wish they were both playing someone different so they could both get beat!

I think giving up only 1 run was a victory there for the Aggs.

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I wonder if it will be a victory like the one Stanford got in the first yesterday

I felt the double play to end the first inning was the key to the game. Sort of the same thing.


Ump Cam. Like watching a swim meet from under the water.

Texas A&M defense is letting them down. E-5 allow the runner to reach and he stole second base.

That’s twice they turned on a first pitch FB on the inside. Sounds like the game plan for righties.

I think A&M loses today and goes home.
We beat Ole Miss tomorrow.
I’m already sick of hearing all the love for OM, blah, blah, blah.

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Texass took a 2-0 lead on that unearned run but Ags have scored once in the bottom of the 2nd and have two in scoring position with one out. Aggies have played bad D all year and gotten away with it.

Just got a bloop hit to tie it, runners on first and third. I get the feeling this will be a back and forth game.

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Just wondering if it could go back and forth until tomorrow morning!

My wife is looking at me like I’m crazy doing the upside down horns sign. She has no idea what it means.

Aggie hitter won a lengthy at bat and got a two-run single. So now there’s been a lead change. 4-2 A&M. Still in the second, Texass changing pitchers.

TV guys mentioned earlier that Aggies see more pitches per AB than any team in the country. They would drive Billy NUTS!


4-2 Aggies in the bottom of the 2nd.

And now texass is playing like the Aggies: stupid plays and errors. 5-2 aTm.


I liked the error on Texas! To add insult to it all the first baseman kicked the ball into the dugout.


Hope the whorns go down. Would like to face the Ags in the finals. That’s especially true after they’d come out of the losers bracket to be their.

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Aggies make a big mistake in T4. RF & CF collide in the outfield to allow a double on what have been an easy out. Now a runner on 2nd & no outs.

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Can’t spell Texass or Aggie without an “E”. :rofl: Very happy to have OUR defense.


Hard to watch this game. I don’t like either team. Wish they both could lose. I just hate that A&M won the West. If we hadn’t been playing so poorly during the last few weeks, or month, we would have won it. They aren’t better than us.
That’s all behind us now and we are playing really good baseball now.
I’m certainly not pulling for Texas, but their pitching is not up to the task. Can’t pull for A&M either. After all, they are from Texas. And I don’t care if they are an SEC team. I want us to be the last SEC team standing. Winning it all! Go Hogs‼️

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