I haven’t seen the odds for saturday, and I missed the game against unf but north Florida is getting waxed by University of Texas Rio Grande Valley right now. we better find another gear in Houston.

Oh, but it was a fine performance! You must be a hater, because objectivity is punished here by severe noodle-lashing from the native population of 90-lb weaklings.

well I fully expected a hangover between the Houston and Texas matchups with finals going on and everything. I just hope the team doesn’t lose sight of the fact we could win two more before 2017 and get in the top 25 or we could easily lose two in a row here and drop out of rpi top 60.

There is room for any and all opinions on here.

Personal attacks? No.

But differences of opinions? Absolutely.

What the original poster said is accurate.

Arkansas must pick it up against Texas - albeit Texas is certainly not the Texas of old either.

The Longhorns are last in the Big 12 in field goal shooting, 3-point shooting and scoring.

Obviously North Florida is not a great team as evidenced by its 3-9 record.

Neither is Texas Rio Grande as evidenced by its 4-8 mark with losses to Memphis, Iowa, etc.

I had never heard of that program until last night

HAHAHA. But, where was the objectivity in his post. I don’t think anyone minds objectivity on this board. The problem with the posters that preach it is they don’t know what it is. It was either your of Dogen that said we better get our tail in gear when Houston comes to town. Then it was the guard play of UNF is going to be a real test for the hogs. Then it was Texas isn’t going to be a good game because of their bad losses. But, now it’s Texas is going to be a tough game and we better watch out. These aren’t objective posts. Objectivity lists positives and negatives for both teams. What you and/or Dogen do is simply list the negatives for Arkansas and the positives for the opponent. I wish you would bring more to the board. I have to believe you’re intelligent. Don’t let your emotions cloud that.

The teams focus is on getting better and winning every game. That is always the focus. Why would that not be the focus. They don’t care about top 25. They want to be #1. They want to win. If you don’t recruit people that want to be #1, then you have a problem. What “objectively speaking” has given you any thought that they think otherwise, or that there will be a hangover? Where does that come from? Do you think Texas is going to have a hangover? Do you think they will be thinking about all the xmas presents they are going to open and be thinking about being #35 instead of #25?

I have no idea what this mean, “arkansas must pick it up”? What have they been doing to make you think they need to pick it up? Maybe my issue is that could mean several different things. Does it mean arkansas needs to play better defense, rebound better, shoot better from the 3, not foul as much, play faster, play better man, play better zone, close out on the 3??? I don’t know. Arkansas is not the #1 team in the country. They are trying to improve. But, I’d rather you clarify the area in which you think they need to improve most, so I can watch for that during the game. Thanks!

Wow, you managed to pick an argument with basically 3 different viewpoints on the same subject. Spreading the love.

Horns down

Beat Texass!

ha! love the passion around here. I think my opinion is fair, although qualified with admission I didn’t watch the unf hogs game. I did watch unf vs utrgv and if we struggled at home against unf then it won’t be a cakewalk on the road against any big12 team. now I also know from playing basketball that a win is a win period, that’s what I meant by the expected hangover game during finals. there are bound to be games where the focus and energy are low but overcoming it is what counts. the hogs have don’t that this year except for their road rest. so I expect them to do it at texas, but they shouldn’t expect any road win to come easy. hopefully unf was a wake-up call. I really don’t get you “objectivity” judges out there trying to say they don’t need a wake up call or don’t need to find another gear for a big road test. they certainly can use every edge in motivation possible. i do love that yall find an argument in everything tho. like is said. time to put the passion back in hog ball. beat texas.


This is going to be a tournament game environment. The hogs haven’t exactly excelled on the road or neutral think post season type environment. It all comes down to the guts, heart, cahones (and teamwork) bc this team has the talent to if they want to and bc back to another poster on the thread this would be a bad loss, every loss to Texas is a bad loss, especially for our history of losing on the road it would be an especially bad loss (not bc Texas is especially bad, more like how losing in the first round every year in tourney time is a bad loss) and especially at this time of year when we could have chance to get Florida at home with only one loss. (Or we could loose two in a row if we don’t pick it up for sure, look at LSU right now tonight, look at our previous seasons, look at our last road game) it’s all about that fire in the belly. Like nolans snake skin shoes, like that Roger Crawford patch, like that number 1 flag coming out of the tunnel, like that Todd Day fade do… Manny and Daryl gets it I hope Moses and Dusty do too

This. This. And this.

I don’t know anything about any 90 LB weaklings. I’m certainly not one of them.

I’m not going to apologize for being OK with the win. I have the ability to look at the games and see we are off to a decent start.

I saw that Cuse beat UNF 77-71 in the Carrier Dome and trailed by 4 at LSU with 4 mins left.

They’ve also had some real clunkers.

But, I’m just different, I guess. I actually enjoy the wins rather than looking for every opportunity to complain.

I can look around the league and see AU lose to a bad BC team and LSU survive NC A&m (at home) and Tennessee survive Tennessee Tech (all in the last 2 days) after taking UNC to the wire at Chapel Hill and realize that every game is different.

Am I supposed to apologize for (at the time) being happy that we beat UT-Arlington? Does that make me a joke? How does that look now that they’ve beaten Tx in Austin and won by 14 at #14 St. Mary’s.

Am I a weakling for not being worried and actually being relieved that we came back and beat Fort Wayne–a team that beat #3 Indiana?

Is there a problem with thinking a win over a team (Houston) picked 4th in a very good basketball league is quality, particularly when they left BWA and went home and beat a Rhode Island team that was ranked a few weeks ago?

It may not pan out, but there is a chance that all of you that spend all your time complaining might look up, as many of our fans did in 2014, and realize you enjoyed exactly none of one of the best Hogs seasons in quite awhile.

But, hey, keep keeping it real. As Huntin astutely points out, that’s a 2-way street. You’re supposed to also acknowledge the good if you’re being objective.

I don’t see much of that from a handful of you who pride yourselves on keeping it real.

Meant to state that Arkansas must play better away from home than it did against Minnesota

Personnel and style matchups + levels of preparation and enthusiasm + home vs. road seem to make a tremendous difference in game outcomes.

Some strange examples from the ranks of teams Arkansas already has played…

Fort Wayne lost at Illinois State by 18, beat Indiana by 3 in OT at home, beat Austin Peay on the road by 4, beat Austin Peay at home by 40.

UT Arlington lost at Florida Gulf Coast by 13, beat Saint Mary’s on the road by 14.

Arlington beat Mount St. Mary’s by 9 at home but beat Saint Mary’s and Texas by double digits on the road. Weird.

Houston lost at LSU by 19 on the road, beat Rhode Island at home by 5. URI is supposed to be much better than LSU.

North Florida had single-digit losses at Syracuse and LSU, lost by more than 30 at home to Florida and Miami.

Southern Illinois lost at Minnesota by 12, at Louisville by 23, at Arkansas by 25.

Tennessee almost knocked off North Carolina on the road, lost at home to UT Chattanooga by 13.

I don’t believe - based on observation - that any team can “bring it” at the same level for every game. Everybody’s always at risk for being outprepared/outworked on any given day.

Any team that has a bigtime shotmaker can deploy a plan to get him shots, and many upper-division teams seem to believe they do not need a defensive plan that is customized for mid-major opposition. Practice-time limitations might explain this.

We didn’t budge an inch in Pomeroy on O or D after the N. Florida win. So, pray tell what should the “objective” reaction have been to that game?

UTRGV is #9 in the nation in pace at 80 possessions per game. Just the team you want to play for the second road game in 48 hours when the guy that represents half your offense couldn’t finish the first one due to cramps.

There is also just variance in how well players make the same looks from game to game, especially role and complementary players. It’s more obvious when you watch the same NBA team regularly. Some of that is focus for a particular opponent, but sometimes it’s (not) your day.

Elfrid Payton of Orlando had made 11 treys in 26 games on 21% shooting. He goes 3 for 3 against the Hawks. In fact, 9 of his grand total of 14 treys on the season have come in 3 games. Orlando is 3-0 in those games. It’s kind of hard to explain that by preparation or work since every team Orlando plays will give him an uncontested trey any time he wants. All it takes is for a couple of bench players to have 1-in-10 type games to change the complexion of a matchup on a given night. You can’t prepare for that. You by necessity prepare to play against that team on an average night for every player. If somebody that you are counting on with good reason to clunk jumpers starts killing you, your game plan is screwed.

You know full well that a good basketball team isn’t hostage to an opponent’s pace of play.

Of course, you also know that North Florida is not a good basketball team.

Don’t accuse others of being 90-lb weaklings if you are going to make up responses. One, nobody on this board said that was a fine performance. Two, nobody has said that N. Florida is a good basketball team. A measure that takes into account their quality left us in the same exact position after that performance, which would indicate by objective measures it was about what was expected from us, not great but not terrible.

You know full well that a team that played four starters 30+ minutes will be affected if they have to play an 80-possession road game in a different city in 48 hours. Good lord. That’s laughable if you are going to preach objectivity.

It’s a road game and that’s all that needs to be said as far as I’m concerned. Until we start to play well on the road and win convincingly I will be cautiously optimistic for road victories coming on a regular basis. We have a team that can play inside or outside with guys that can slash to the basket, but for us to be a consistent team we have to all these guys show up on the same night. If all these guys show up today and play well we will blow Texas out but if we don’t this game could be a toss up and we will be in a fight. I truly believe that with our line up we should have many dominating wins with this team this season barring multiple severe injuries. WPS