Texas vs Notre Dame

ND homers in first. Up 1-0

It has occurred to me that should we meet ND in the championship series next weekend, there’s a built-in name:

Cochons vs. Catholics

(Cochon being French for pig, although sanglier is probably a better word for a razorback)

Texas balk to 3rd base. Another ND run. 5-1 top of 5th

ND has a style that is perfect for this ballpark, a lot of line drives, running the bases putting pressure on the defense, they manufacture runs, that’s tough to beat.

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So it’s Sips vs Aggy in the “loser go home” game on Sunday. Should be a fun one to watch!

I’ve held my nose and pulled for Notre Dame two weekends in a row. Guess I can do the same and pull for Aggy for a day

That will be a game I hope they lay the longest Estes inning game in baseball history! I’m glad they beat the horns! Hope they beat the Aggies is 36 innings!

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Back to back weekend first game wins over the evil orange….ND looks good

ESPN had several writers forecast the CWS yesterday morning. The most common pick for the championship series was Texas vs. Arkansas. The first half of that looks very unlikely now.

I have never liked ND for a single minute, but they have beat Teeny and Texie back to back…

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