Texas vs. Notre Dame

Who do you dislike more, and why? Discuss

It’s about even for me. Both have fan bases with an extreme sense of entitlement. Texass, because they’re Texass, and Notre Dame, because I guess they think they’re God’s team. Only difference is we have to deal with more Fallopian fans here than Irish. In Chicago, it would be reversed.

As for tonight’s game, this may be a shootout. Texass can’t stop anybody and their freshman QB is chopping up the ND defense on his first series.

I hate Texas, but I hate ND more so I’m for Texas. Sorry to say that. I really like Strong and hope he succeeds. Looking forward to the future Texas game in Fayetteville.

I’m not a Notre Dame fan, but I was raised to despise texass. [attachment=0]unhookem.gif[/attachment]

I’m a Texas fan in this game. I grew up (my 1st 18 years) in Northern Indiana, 25 miles from the ND campus. I hated them with a passion by the time I was in Jr. High School. I didn’t start hating the Longhorns until I was in my early 20s. My Notre Dame hatred has been longer and more deep seeded. This is the only game TX will play this year that I’ll be rooting for them.

Charlie Strong looks like made a good move to the spread. Of course to save his job. Kid they have at qb is the real deal and a true freshman at that. Yet they are running the ball very well. Good game so far. Don’t like either team but like strong and he had guts to make a big change.

Texass may be trouble with a QB. They hadn’t had a good one since McCoy. Lots of hyped recruits that haven’t panned out, but Buechele looks like the real deal.

Big 12 replay officials conveniently chose not to review what certainly could have been targeting on the Torii Hunter Jr hit.

Don’t like either team but this has been a good/fun game to watch. Texas, indeed, looks to have found a QB in the true freshman Buechele. He appears to have a bright future ahead of him. Their new offensive coordinator is a success thus far. Good for Charlie Strong. I root for him, not Texas.

That is as wacky a way to tie a game as I’ve seen in a while.

Which, if you didn’t see it, Texas scored a touchdown to go ahead 37-35. But ND blocked the PAT and returned it all the way for two points to tie it. On top of that, Texas got a 10-yard penalty on the PAT return for sideline interference, but ND couldn’t move after the kickoff and had to punt with two minutes left.

Welcome back college football!!!

2 teams that I love to see lose, but I have to admit that it was a great college football game. For me, the lesser of 2 evils won, so I’m happy.

Now, here’s hoping both teams lose their next game.

Fun game to watch.

I found myself with the very distasteful decision to root for (spit) Texas. As I dislike
both teams tremendously, I decided to go for the unranked team to knock off the
the #10 team in the nation. I am sad to report I actually gave a fist pump when
the Bovines got that winning Td in overtime. (shakes head)

I hope I never have to be put to such a test again. Its almost too much to bear
given I was raised to hate all things orange.

Agree. Slow night at work so I got to pay more attention to it than a normal work night, and it definitely kept my interest.

Have to say I felt good for Swoopes. He’s been through a lot of garbage in EOE land, including the abuse we gave him in the Texas Bowl (and I’m not sure I didn’t hear a few boos when he first came in tonight), and it was nice to see him come through tonight.

Funny thing. I couldn’t figure out who to root for/against in this game. Went back and forth on it.

That was before the game. I hadn’t been watching 5 minutes until I was full tilt rooting for Notre Dame (for the first time I can remember).

Of course, what was going on was that I was pulling for Texas to lose. When I hear the Longhorn fight song a switch flips in me. I just have to pull against them, regardless of who they are playing. And I HATE Notre Dame.

Figures that when I root for N. Dame, they lose . . .


Please, please root for them in every game this year. Nothing better than seeing Notre Lame at 0-12.

Dislike Texas more. Easy. I actually like Notre Dame. Started following them when Lou was coach and never really stopped. Their fans may be entitled, but I do like the Notre Dame traditions. Plus, my wife is Irish Catholic. Irish/American dual citizen in fact. So…I gotta pull for the Irish. As long as they don’t play us.

Like most everyone has said, I grew up disliking both teams, but both looked like good football teams to me that were well coached. Great athletes on both teams. Happy for Coach strong…