Texas vs. Cam Little

Rewatching the Texass game. We shouldn’t discount that Cam scored 12 of our first 26 points.

Cam may be (or perhaps should be) this season’s MVP.


Kicking game improvement this year has turned a constant liability into an advantage, IMO. I’d like to see stats comparing FGs, XPs, touchbacks, etc. this year with last. How many times in the past did we not even bother to try a semi-long FG? We’ve even returned a few punts!

In 2019, Connor Limpert had 28 touchbacks on 54 kickoffs. He was 14 of 19 on field goals with a long of 54 against Misery, and 29-30 on XPs. Net punting was 37.5 yards on 59 punts. Net kickoffs (which include touchbacks) were 39.6 yards, or starting between the 25 and 26 on average.

2020: Punting average was 42.1 but net punting 36.2. Net kickoff 41.4 (starting at the 23.6). PATs were 27 of 30. Field goals were 8 of 12 with a long of 48 against TAM. Kickoffs were 33 touchbacks in 52 kicks (mostly Vito Calvaruso)

This year: Net punting 37.2 on 37 punts, 14 of 18 FGs with a long of 51 against Moo U, 33-33 PATs. Vito has 48 touchbacks on 58 kicks. Net kickoff is 40.5, or starting at the 24.5.

Not all that much different, other than we’re scoring a lot more touchdowns through nine games and the touchback numbers are better.

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Cam Little is a “ BIG” deal on this team, he’s has saved our bacon big time! WPS

Thanks Jeff. I guess some of the improvement I detect is illusory, stats-wise, tho FG numbers don’t show how many we didn’t even attempt last 2 years because we had no chance of making them. And I looooove them touchbacks.

Higher rate of touchbacks on kickoff has actually resulted in better starting field position for opposing offenses this year, though by only a small margin. I much prefer the high kick that lands between the 5-yard line and goal line. Give your coverage team a chance to make a play. Sure you may give up an occasional return out past the 25, but you should get most of them stopped before that. And, you open up the opportunity for a fumble.

Punt return is definitely better, although most of that is due to the alleged Golden Lion punt coverage team. We didn’t have no Golden Lions on the 2020 schedule.

Blocked punt numbers, which I didn’t include above: Two this year, two last year, none in 2019. We actually blocked a punt ourselves for the first time in like 10 years, although that was because the Texass punter dropped the snap and Jake Yurachek got it.

Also more of a chance to lose a player to injury or give them momentum with a good return. Kick it out of the endzone and let the defense try to do its thing.

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