Texas vs. Arkansas - game thread

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I’ll post the lineups as soon as I can. After last night, I think it would be easier to post the line score at the end of each half inning. Just be aware that the image will show it as the beginning of the next inning.

thanks, Marty

OM survived a bases loaded jam in the top of the 9th and closed out TTech 5-4. Probably our game will start close to 8 p.m.

Ole Mrs. finally won (just now). So it looks like our game won’t start until nearly 8 PM or shortly thereafter.

Then again:


Looks like the guy who streamed our game on Twitch hasn’t been kicked off Twitch yet, so it will be available for you cheapskates who didn’t sign up either.

I didn’t realize last night that is what he had done so I went ahead and bought it for tonights game and tomorrow nights… . . . not a big fan of piracy.

Because of the game delays last night and tonight, Phil Elson has been filling time in the pregame show by playing part of Bo Mattingly’s podcast with Norm DeBriyn on how he built the Arkansas program. It’s really fascinating, going from being chased off the Fairgrounds field in the early 70s by band practice to Baum Stadium and being one of the powers in college baseball.

Pretty cool that the PA handled pregame just like our home games (we are home team tonight)
Played “Hog Wild”
Announced the Hog Call the same way as it would be at Baum.

Pretty neat

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One of the best parts of that podcast is when Norm told JFB that he was going to retire. Frank asked him to sleep on it. Norm said, I have. Frank immediately said “Do you think we can get Van Horn?”

I just heard that. That was just about the last thing he played tonight before cutting back to Globe Life Field.

And there is a reason we are one of those powers


The BEST coach in college baseball

Don’t disagree but NDB wasn’t chopped liver either. Four trips to Omaha, one championship game loss, gave DVH a helluva platform to build on including the new ballpark.

There has been a lot of vision involved in making Hog baseball what it is. Norm, Frank, and Dave have all made significant contributions.

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Looks like the guy streamed the Moo U and Ole Miss games but not ours.

Wow that’s some easy Gas there boys and Girls! Me likey!

And neither the UA nor EOE websites have the live stats. SMH