Texas up to No. 15 in AP poll

It really does not matter where they are ranked We are playing the same team that was ranked 21st and when we win it will make us look better!!! I watched their game and did not see anything for us majorly worry all we have to is play our game!!

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Agree. In fact I like it that TX is a top 15 team going into this game. Makes it an even bigger game for us, if that’s possible.


The higher TX is ranked, the better for us. It makes a win bigger & makes a loss less unexpected. Of course, their ranking won’t matter if it’s a lopsided loss, but I don’t expect a lopsided loss. It could happen, but I think we’ll play them reasonably close & could win. It’s still early, but I don’t think this is one of the great TX teams. I also don’t think ours is a Chad Morris team.




Awesome post!!!

The Whorns…reckon we’ll be ranked when we beat them? I doubt it. They are one of the “protected” teams in CFB, e.g. Bama, ND, etc.

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