Texas up 6 spots after beating the ragin' cajuns

rankings are so rigged. I guess if we beat texass we should be top 20 no problem, right?

I think if we beat Texas it’s quite likely we move into the top 25.

But that logic doesn’t jive. UT beat a team worse than them and catapulted 6 spots! When we beat them, the voters will say they had it wrong and drop them back to 25 and leave us at 26.

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Just keep winning. The polls mean nothing yet.


In talking with Tom Murphy, who is our AP voter, rankings have a tendency to be pretty jumpy for the first few weeks, especially in the 15-25 range. It is a feeling-out process that separates how good teams are projected to be and how good they really are.

The 2012 Arkansas team is a perfect example. That team was No. 10 in the preseason and moved to No. 8 before the ULM game.

What happened last week is several of the teams lost that were ranked ahead of Texas. Miami, North Carolina, Wisconsin, LSU, Washington and Indiana all took big dives in the poll or fell out completely. Texas had one of the more high-profile games of the week, so it was a big winner in the poll.

Ideally, the first poll wouldn’t be released until late September or October when we really have an idea of which are the best teams, but that isn’t going to happen.


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