Texas Tech suspends Coach Adams

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You beat me by two minutes.

The specific comment was about slaves serving their masters. Biblical or not, that’s not a good idea if you’re coaching a team full of descendants of slaves.

I’d say they just got a reason to fire him with cause. When I saw this on Sportscenter, my first thought was Chris Beard. I know there was a lot of bad blood when he left, but I can’t help but wonder…

Tech likes to fire coaches “for cause.” See Mike Leach and the ridiculous Craig James saga. And the litigation that followed.

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Some one needs to tell these basketball coaches that we live in the iPhone world today(no secrets anymore). Bama, Texas and now Texas Tech , probably more I am missing. Lot’s $ being paid for this to be occurring .

What you tell coaches is to treat everyone with respect. Tough coaching is one thing but this is ridiculous.


Slobber Mark would make a great logo for the TT boys!

Didn’t even need that. Player told his parents, parents reported it to the TT administration.

This “cause” is such an easy thing to understand. 5-13 in conference. If you can fire a guy and not pay him out - it’s a wonderful thing.

Many TT fans believed & hoped Adams was the reason for Beard’s success at TT but obviously disappointed after this season. His record & this latest issue have sealed his fate.

Excuse my cynicism, but Oats will be likely be coach of the year and has a new contract. Not sure who is more gutless or corrupt. Seems that words that hurt feelings or are insensitive are more serious than actions supportive of killing someone. Sadly not the craziest crap we are fed on a regular basis.


Without commenting on the biblical analysis, historical context, or anything else that might be deemed political, let me just say it’s going to be hard to recruit with “Slaves obey your masters” on your resume.


You never know what a person is really like. Got to know Adams a bit when he was assistant coach at UALR for Chris Beard. Never thought he would be this type of person.

Greg McDermott did something kinda similar last year when he said he needed everyone “to stay on the plantation”. My best friend played for McDermott at Creighton (and was roommates with Doug for two years) said McDermott was the furthest thing from a racist and Coach was distraught over his comments. The Tech coach seems to be trying to defend himself rather than apologize and admit it was a poor use of scripture, at best.

One poorly chosen word, can ruin someone’s reputation and livlieyhood these days.