Texas Tech is the most similar to us offensively

Texas won two out of three against Texas Tech but what I was looking for was half Texas Tech did against their top two starters kingham and Shugart. Both of them got pounded kingham went 6 innings give up the 11 hits and six runs Shugart went four innings gave up six hits and eight runs so both of their guys got torched by very good offensive team very similar to ours

It may be a good sign! Jump on them and get in their bull pen. You really never know how a game will go until that first pitch and which team can seize the moment. In a perfect world it would be nice for the first 2 games we play in Omaha to be just like the South Carolina game. I just hope we have solid pitching and defense. If that happens our offense will get it done.

I didn’t really see any Texas pitcher that possessed anything we haven’t seen. The key will be getting the hits at the right time if we do that we will be fine but if not it will be a battle of the bullpens

I think SC (and for that matter Miss St.) is better than TX. This is a game we should win unless something stupid happens.

I agree we are the better team but for some reason this team doesn’t always play the way they’re capable especially away from Baum. You know they’re going to be excited to play us with the way we handle them in the regular season. I hope we get a run or two early and put them on the defensive