Texas Tech is about to back up the Brinks truck

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We are delusional to think this is a possibility.

I agree and need to move on and make the hire.

In my view, There is no way Beard comes to Arkansas to coach.

Not at 12m a year.

Well, maybe that gets attention.

Hunter pulls that off, his likeness belongs on a statue at UA and maybe we name buildings and streets for him as well.

Texas Tech can’t offer what we can in the grand scheme of things.

It’ll come down to money and what’s important to Beard.

I think he wants a bigger pond. We are definitely a bigger pond. Texas wont fire Shaka this year. No way, no how. If he leaves, he leaves on his own.

What’s another couple of days if we’ve got one in the hand already?

How are we a bigger pond? Talent base is bigger in Texas, Big 12 is a premier conference and in terms of tradition they have more, or at least comparable tradition to ours over the last 20 years.

I agree this is a pipe dream to think he is going to leave a plum job for Arkansas.

Do you believe that Tech is a better program than Arkansas?

It’s a push for all the reasons I mentioned earlier. It would be a lateral move from a place where he has history, and the momentum, to a now loaded SEC with a roster he didn’t put together.

I think we are wasting our time if he is the primary target.

And The Big 12 vs The SEC?
I guess it depends on what Beard wants to accomplish, Coach in the mighty SEC and go toe to toe with Kentucky or be content with dominating TX, Okla, etc. (yawn)

We need to move on, if we are waiting for Beard . If the BOT’s are involved, they need to read this article.

Beard is NOT coming to Arkansas.

He does not want the job.

He wants to stay at Texas Tech, that’s why they are backing up and as I have been saying for days now, unloading the Brinks truck.

I get the obsession with Beard, but it’s not happening.



Kansas still plays in the little 12. They compare to anyone in the SEC including Kentucky.

I like the idea of going after the guy I think our program is amazing and has a lot to offer…one of my favorite quotes “The only shots you miss are the ones you don’t take”

If there is the slightest possibility to land the hottest coach in college basketball why not try?

Texas Tech can come up with the money. You all apparently have no idea what sort of wealth exists in Texas. See UH and Fertatta keeping Sampson as a small
example. Oil money and many other sources surpasses all the Wal Marts, Tysons, etc. by the power of 20. Tech has their share of sources, including Big 12 revenue. Big 12 is as good if not better basketball league. Talent pool better in Texas. And, yes, right now Tech is a better basketball program than Arkansas. Sure, make a run at Beard if you or some delusional BOT wants, but I give it a 2% chance. And you’d better not run off a prospect like Musselman in the process of messing around with Beard.

Oh, man. Forget about the likelihood of Beard coming just for a minute.

In no metric ever used to evaluate college basketball programs is Texas Tech even close to the program Arkansas is, even with our dip the past 20 years. Money, resources, interest, exposure, commitment…the most important things, it’s not close.

It’s my understanding that Beard gets that. Let’s not twist ourselves up on that.

Even with our history, Beard leaving after the best run in Tech history seems just too far fetched. But it looks like we’ve waited around now for someone, each day we delay is concerning unless they have a home run coming. Spring signing is upon us and we have no coach and need talent in a bad way. Winter is upon us…

If, IF the report is true that means HY has not been told to not wait. There is some glimmer from somewhere or else he would have been told to move on…could it be a leverage play?..possibly but I don’t think so in this instance. He doesn’t have to after what he has accomplished. I think I have figured out what is going on but we will just have to wait and see what happens.

I do not think Arkansas would be blindly putting things on hold unless they have had communication from someone close to Beard that he was interested in talking. As Wally mentioned this morning Beard has made a lot of friends in Arkansas from his year at UALR and I am guessing that some of those friends are very significant friends with connections to the U of A. No one really knows what is going on but each passing day is critical when it come to a coaching search and I just do not think they play this waiting game unless they have gotten some positive feedback from someone close to Beard.

We also do not know much about the situation at Texas Tech. Prior to Beard Texas Tech was not highly thought of in the world of basketball and I don’t know that much has changed even with the success that Beard has had. Success and continued success are two different things and continued success may be a very difficult thing to accomplish at Texas Tech. Beard is a smart guy and he knows he has created a situation where people are going to have very high expectations and the addition of a new contract with more money just adds to the pressure to succeed at a very high level.

What university provides the best opportunity for continued success ? That is the most important factor in all of this because all of these elite coaches know they have to keep on winning to maintain their status. Arkansas is not one of the elite universities when it comes to “continued year after year success” but the potential for that type of success might be a lot more promising at Arkansas than at Texas Tech. Is Arkansas a better option than some of the other openings or potential openings is another story but my guess is that continued success at Texas Tech is going to be a very difficult proposition.

We have a better chance of Nolan coming out of retirement than Beard getting here. :lol: :lol: :lol:

You mean like what happened when they were guaranteeing Gus?