Texas Tech is a 3, we haven’t been sweet in 20 years

TCU who was horrifying 24 months ago is a six.

Get mad, Arkansas.

We have gone through dark years but that time is over.

Time to come back and re assume our greatness of being respected in NCAA again.

Let’s do this.

Sweet sixteen or bust.

Have Texas Tech and TCU been to Sweet 16 in last 20 years? If yes, I get your point. If not…

Texas Tech is Virginia Light. Moderately effective offense (not as good as ours), very good on D, slow tempo.

My theory, by the way, is that the reason a lot of our fans hated Nolan and hate Mike is that they want somebody to overcoach our team. Basically those fans want the Eddie Sutton of the 1970s, although Eddie quit overcoaching when the 3-point shot came into the game. Nolan and Mike both think if we play our game, normally we don’t have to adjust to what the other team is doing. Both of them could and did/do adjust (witness the matchup zone against the Wallets the other night), but the idea most of the time is to force the other team to play our game, not theirs. And it often works.

(By the way, John Wooden had the same approach as Nolan and Mike. UCLA did what it did, at a fast tempo in the pre-shot clock era, and it was up to you to keep that from happening. Yes, he had more talent than anyone else, but those 10 banners say JW got it right over a long period of time.)

Virginia does what it does because Tony Bennett can’t get the athletes that Duke and UNC get. So he focuses on making their opponents play his game, the slower the better, and it works really well. We can’t get the athletes Kentucky gets either, but we can get more of them than UVa does.

Chris Beard is Tony Bennett Light too. He can’t get the talent Kansas or Texas or OU can get either. So he slows the opponents down.

Neither of them have our history.

Not a shot at anything, other than how hard it is to watch these also rand programs with virtually no history in modern era get accolades.,

And how it’s time to re-take our place again.

Anxious for a nice run in NCAA to show folks we are for real in this tourney.

Hopeful we can keep building program and take some steps that have alluded us.

Tony Bennett is a helluva coach. to intimate he only coaches slow because he can’t get better athletes is moronic. He believes in that style of basketball & is winning big at it. Wooden coached fundamental half court principles also besides playing a fast tempo. Sheesh!

Tony Bennett is a helluva coach. He coaches just like his dad did. Dick Bennett squeezed the orange until it screamed too. Tony played PG for his dad at UW-Green Bay. But if UVa tried to play 70-possession-a-game basketball with its talent level, it would get killed in the ACC.

Wooden pressed a lot (the UCLA 2-2-1 zone press is famous, and used to be a lot more famous). Of course it’s easier to do that when you have Lew Alcindor or Bill Walton as that 1 to clean up the mistakes at the back. But he started using it with his 1964 title team, which didn’t have a future Hall of Famer playing center. Their biggest starter was 6-5, and he played on the front line of that 2-2-1. The 1964 record? 30-0. UCLA wanted to force turnovers, obviously, but the bigger goal was just to speed the opponents up.

Here’s a good discussion of the genesis of the UCLA 2-2-1:

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.bruinsnation.com/2014/8/10/ … ss-and-the”>https://www.bruinsnation.com/2014/8/10/5988539/ucla-basketball-wooden-part-3-jerry-norman-the-zone-press-and-the</LINK_TEXT>

Read a book by Wooden this fall & am well aware of his zone press. His teams didn’t live or die by the press & played excellent half court b-ball He had the best talent in the country not in small part to boosters buying players. To disparage Tony Bennett as playing slow down because he can’t recruit more athletic players is silly. Bob Knight had his pick of athletes & played a half court game as did many of the greatest coaches in the history of college B-ball. That was by choice