Texas Tech in 2030 & 2031


Pretty much assures that Tech will remain terrible in the meantime, then be really good for a couple of years as Mahomes’ little brother is an upper classman. :grin::roll_eyes:


Here is the updated list of future games.


Why do the Hogs have to go on the road first on these nonconference series?

A few more notes on this series.

The goal is to alternate the marquee nonconference game home and away each year, and Arkansas began going first in these games almost 20 years ago. Once that cycle begins, it’s hard to break.

It’s worth noting that because of the cancelation, Arkansas is scheduled to get Notre Dame in Fayetteville before the Razorbacks are scheduled to go to South Bend.

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Thanks, Matt

I think the A&M series had a lot to do with it. At first it was nonconference, of course, and then when they joined the SEC we were losing a home conference game every odd year and needed a home NC to replace it.

Is the 2028 @Notre Dame game a reschedule of the game canceled last year?

Yes, it is.

Reached out to the top 2030 and 2031 prospects in Texas and they’re pumped about the series.


Did you catch them at recess?

Chuck E. Cheese.

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