Texas tech freshman catcher had 5 home runs

I didn’t think anybody had a better weekend than Kjerstad but that kid did.

Wind blowing out at Lubbock? The wind was blowing in at Baum-Walker.

I have no idea what the conditions were at Lubbock I just saw he hit 5 home runs.

If the wind would have been blowing out there no telling how many Homers the hogs would have hit!

Yeah Moore would have hit a couple if it had been blowing out.

He hit four of his home runs Saturday when the winds were gusting 25 mph out of the northwest, and another Sunday when the winds were gusting up to 32 mph out of the northwest. A northwest wind blows straight out at Texas Tech’s park.

Texas Tech puts up huge home run numbers most years, but a lot of that has to do with the park and the competition. This weekend’s games were against Northern Colorado and Houston Baptist, and Tech hit 12 homers in four games.

Northwest wind would be straight out to centerfield at BWS too, but we almost never get that.

well that explains it for sure.I’m 60 and could float one out with that kind of wind behind me LOL Jk

I wasn’t there, but I thought the wind was blowing primarily from the west during one of the games but in from the SW during one of the others. Thought the announcers mentioned the wind knocking some balls down.

You have to wonder if they considered aligning BWS with the prevailing wind. Put the plate in the southwest corner (which is actually the preferred alignment according to MLB Rule 1.04) and we’d get some bombs to left field most days. and get some to right on days the wind is out of the west.

This is just a guess, but the SW corner backs up to Lake Norm. I just bet the construction cost would have been much higher putting the right field line & bleachers down that direction. I suppose they could have moved the whole stadium several yards farther north but that would have cut into the current parking lot. The entrances would have been through the third base side & the outfield unless you forced people to go around the stadium to come in from the back. I don’t remember if the Tyson indoor track center was there at the time, but I don’t think BW could have been put exactly where it is if home plate were in the SW corner.

I was thinking the field could be where the parking lot is now and the lot where the field is now. I’m also pretty sure Lake Norm was a product of the construction process.

Now that you mention it, I’m sure that’s right about Lake Norm. I can’t say that I have any memory whatsoever of what that land looked like before the stadium was built.

I think the alignment is perfect. I like the fact that during afternoon games the sun travels over the canopy and gives us some shade. However, it does become a problem for left fielders.

If home plate were in the southwest corner the canopy would provide shade in virtually every game, sometimes from start to finish.

If you go back to last spring, there were several days that the north wind blew out to right field. It happens a lot in the early spring. I think the configuration is fine the way it is, and Norm liked the old configuration at George Cole Field, exactly the same as this one. I bet Norm had a say in setting it up this way. He built his team on pitching and defense. He wanted artificial surface for maintenance ease. Van Horn preferred natural grass and I’m happy with that change. It’s problematic in the spring, but the over seed with winter grass works out about right.

Yeah I knew GCF was set up with home plate in the northwest corner. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Norm liked it that way.

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