Texas Tech fires Matt Wells eight games into season

Kendal – and Art – Briles mentioned as possible successors, but Dykes is likely frontrunner… .

The early jump to start the search because of the early signing period!

I bet Sonny stays at SMU. Sure hope so.

I would think Traylor gets a new job - either at Tech or at SMU replacing Dykes if he gets it.

I am hopeful Traylor gets a promotion, as does Barry Lunney.


Is this basically a G5 position, now?

Don’t be surprised if Kendal briles is not only interviewed but in the mix there.

Won’t bother me if he gets the job.

Read something that kinda makes sense – hiring Art Briles would be a really bad move with the instability of conference lineups, and could result in Tech being shuffled out of the Power 5. With university presidents making those decisions, who knows?

Clay, I’m right there with you on good-wishes for Traylor and Lunney; however, I’m not sure that Texas Tech will be it for either. At least I’m hoping he’s too smart to land in Lubbock. TT in my opinion has become a dead end job. Recruiting just too difficult.

I think it will be a year or two before Traylor makes a move unless the TCU job opens up this year. Patterson won’t be fired but he reportedly is sick of losing, the NIL, and the portal. Some think he is so pissed he might just retire.

Then there is Baylor. Aranda is a west coast guy and really good coach. Born, raised and educated in California. And coached all over the west for several years, before coming east to Wisconsin then LSU. With the departure of Texas and OU, he will keep winning in the Big 12, and some higher profile SEC or PAC-12 school will come calling I think.

Either one would be perfect for Traylor with his born-and-bred east-Texas back ground.

At least that would be my wish for him. Then Lunney could move into the HC office at UTSA.

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Traylor and Lunney are doing great and I hope both keep rising up the ladder.


You say that now not knowing that his replacement might be worse or doesn’t bond well with the players.

Calling plays is an art. You have to have a feel for it and trust your guy and the numbers. Kendal and his brother in law Jeff Lebby have that in spades.

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That’s your opinion and I have mine. We have a tight end coach that was a NFL offensive coordinator already involved in recruiting. He may or may not be the replacement if our current OC leaves but I’m not worried about it. I actually think Lebby does a better job than Briles based on the games I’ve watched this year. I have a hard time believing Ole Miss has more talent.

Well the te has never coordinated an offense like we run. Plus the three teams he worked for never had winning seasons nor made the playoffs.

As for talent, yes ole miss has more. There is a reason lane chose that job over ours when they both were open. They will more than likely be 11-1 whereas we are 8-4 or 7-5.

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No way in hades do I think they have more talent. They just utilize it better.

Have to disagree. Their Oline has better talent. They have a stable of very good receivers while we have one great one with a very big drop after him. I like our QB, but theirs is faster, quicker, a much better passer, and perhaps most importantly, more experienced. Neither defense is great, but they have not completely feel apart. That probably speaks to depth. Their punter is better.


Ole Miss has better talent overall. Especially at QB. Not much debate really.

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They have more talent at the most important position on the field and that’s no disrespect to an improving KJ who is a good QB. Corral is a beast.

As for our TE coach, if he’s named OC when departs then I’m worried.

His career trajectory is very concerning to me.

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In some position areas, yes. But their receivers have been hurt a lot this year. We have the top receiver in the country and really haven’t done that good a job getting the ball into his hands enough. It was mentioned in another thread, can you imagine Burks in Petrino’s feed the studs offense.

Perhaps they edge us out in talent but I don’t think it’s as big a jump. My overall point is I think Lebby has done a better job than Briles. Not a big fan really. I’m not worried if he leaves for another position and I’m not sure our TE coach would be the person I’d want promoted but I do think he’s involved enough with recruits we wouldn’t have a big issue.

I also don’t think Briles has done that good of a job developing QBs. I am a big KJ fan and love his heart. I think he has a lot of undeveloped talent. His footwork still needs some improvement. Then, after KJ, we have a big drop off. Hornsby is one dimensional halfway into the year. He was very highly recruited so I have a hard time believing he lacks talent. And I’m sure he’s a good guy that has heart too. Not attacking him personally. We all know if we’re dependent on him to win games it’s not going to work out. He couldn’t move the ball against UAPB.

I get that I’m swimming upstream here on Briles but so be it. I’m fine with the disagreement about that.

If I was evaluating Briles’ quarterback development, not sure that I am looking at Hornsby. I am looking at Frank’s and Jefferson. Yes Frank’s came in with considerable experience and talent, but seems his play went to another level, even with a below par o-line and a fairly depleted talent level. What Jefferson has shown to date, far exceeds what I expected.

Seems I remember some talk on this board, over the top as it was, with Jefferson and Heisman linked. Sports boards are often bi-polar, Heisman talk one week and questioning the quarterback coach’s developmental abilities the next.

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