Texas Tech finds their next HC

This may disappoint a few of those Briles detractors, but I believe most of us think we dodged a bullet here. Personally I’d just like to see the staff together another year or so… turnover doesn’t always work out so well… especially when its main coordinators.


Don’t know much about their new coach but seems a little out of main stream.

Much like Sam Pittman.

It seems as though his success at Arkansas has opened the door for more “out of the box” thinking among schools.


Totally agree - good post!

I too wondered if that Coach Sam’s hire at Arkansas and his success is having an effect

Jimmy Sexton (is that the agents name?) is likly cussing Arkansas for this lol

One dodged. Sure hope we keep them, we NEED continuity and their name and coaching ability along with their recruiting to climb a notch in the SEC.


I like Briles. I’m thinking he’d like to open up things even more. But, we just don’t have enough horses, yet.

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I agree that continuity would be fantastic for this program right now.

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Briles could do well to wait until we load up so that he can showcase his style before moving to a head coaching position in order to maximize his position. That is the ideal anyway. But he would then have to hire a compatible offensive coordinator, which could be tricky.

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I’ve thought the same thing. KJ has a chance to be really, really good next season. From what i understand, this O depends a lot on the qb to make reads, and I’m sure he’ll be much better next year at that, and really have a chance to run Briles’ offense the way he wants it to look. and as you said, that kind of showcase could lead to a nice job for young Briles.


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