Texas Tech favored by 1

Another chance for Muss to play up the role of underdog.

Hopefully several pundits will go on record that Tech is a sure-thing upset … and that Beard is clearly the better coach.

I bet Muss has already addressed that to the team. You know it will used as Motivation !!!

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It’s getting funny. Vegas line makers and their bettors just “refuse to believe”’. This season, the Hogs are now19-9 against the spread (which is really, really good), while TT is 10-16.

I guess the ORU over #2 seed Tatoostate and North Texas defeating #4 seed Purdue didn’t cross their minds.
They might want to adjust their high regard for the number challenged conference that absorbed those losses, also the mighty MSU Spartans were supposedly way under rated. Not.

Good. Motivation.

Been a while since the pundits even got to mention the Hogs in this tournament.

I like it but I bet that needle moves a lot

Sagarin’s Predictor has this game as nearly a toss up. Interestingly, his “Recent” ratings show a more signficant disparity, favoring the Hogs.

I like that Williams is back. I like that Smith seems to have found his groove. I really like the Hogs general play since Smith has returned. They seem to have responded very well to coaching this season. And, I like the improvement in our guard play with Devo and Notae; the Hogs have a solid team. I don’t like the match up, but I see the Hogs as the better team.

As the money falls the line will change.

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Tech’s 10 losses are deceiving. 5 of those by either 1 point or in OT against really good teams. Oklahoma State twice (both in OT), West Virginia, Texas, Kansas all 1 point losses.

They took 2/3 against #3 seed Texas.

Will be an absolute battle.

Tech is not a great shooting team, and although they normally take good care of the ball, they can be forced into coughing it up (20 vs. Baylor). I figure Muss will come up with some wrinkle like that press he threw at Colgate. But games in the Dance are supposed to be tough, and I expect this will be no different.

Ok, I was wrong, I had tOSU nipping the Hogs. But, this year’s Hogs do not equal the athleticism of Baylor; probably only Bama in that camp.

Abilene Christian turned them over 16 times. You telling me ACU is more athletic than us?

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