Texas talking to

K. Dixon again supposedly… that’s not good at all. Any thoughts Richard/Dudley

Not RD/DD, but don’t worry.

I’m not worried. If they offer he will go to Texas though. It’s not as big of a deal to lose him, although, I do think he’s the second best offensive player we have committed, as it will be to lose French. Really like Dixon, I think he could be a good, good player.

I think it will be a big deal to lose him, but I’m not so sure he wants to go to Texas.

He absolutely wants to go to Texas. He hasn’t had a committable offer, his older brother is their RB.

Easy with the piss and vinegar Jr. As Kevin Bacon said in Animal House.


I know you are all doom and gloom right now and love to use absolutes in every post, but sometimes…the person who is posting stuff really DOES KNOW FOR SURE the situation better than you and I do.

I am not going to out parents and coaches of recruits, but I can assure you there are plenty on here for obvious reasons who know more than we do.

Remember we can see everybody’s real name, not just their screen name.

Oh my. Should I be worried? :grin:

Wasn’t addressing you.

I’m doom and gloom for asking y’all what your thoughts are?

I don’t think it’s doom and gloom to say Texas re-opening their contact with him is probably not a good sign. It was pretty clear he wanted a committable offer to Texas before he committed to us. Atleast that’s what a lot from East Texas have said to me.

Referring to the majority of your posts lately, not this one.

I was trying to make a point - not specifically toward Kelvontay - that parents and coaches are on here who know the situation while you, I and others talk to people about the situation and how that is not the same.

Is this why the staff will answer questions about certain recruits and not others? Because those parents are watching?

Ok, fair enough. I guess you’re talking about my posts on the French thread.

So are you saying things aren’t as they seem with French right now, he’s fine and not about to decommit?

Most come to this board to ask these questions and get some sort of an answer. Obviously I wouldn’t know as much as a parent, that’s why I asked.

Are you saying Texas isn’t something to worry about?

I don’t guess I understand your question as I have not dealt with that.

Definitely should be worried about each recruit, especially the Whitehaven duo/trio that just went to Tennessee and the Carthage pair.

But I also do not think it is accurate to say there are going to be mass defections

Right, as of right now it’s not.

But if Texas says, we’ll take you, that equals K Dixon is gone, right?

Unless we offer McDonald, French is gone and Eason isn’t happening, I’d assume?

I don’t really think it’s doom and gloom, if it’s reality. It’s understandable, we are having a dismal season so far, and recruiting is stalling, perfectly normal. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

I don’t try to be doom and gloom, I just try to take the situations for what is able to be seen.

I really hope chad can find a way to hang on to all of those guys, because it would be doom and gloom if he didn’t, they are good players.

No, I will not say for sure that will happen because of my conversations with Carthage head coach Scott Surratt, his friendship with Coach Morris and Coach Traylor and what Arkansas has done in landing Dixon in the first place.

Would he be tempted? Sure, but not sure he will pull the trigger.

I also do not think for sure that it’s a given on the Whitehaven 3. I know what it looks like now, but may not look like that come the late signing period, which is when I think they are currently planning to sign.

Again, I just don’t use absolutes.