Texas still hasn't beaten us the last two years

I have never in my life seen a team do so little to win a game. Deep down they know they didn’t beat us. Tough environment for our young pitchers but they’re going to have to learn to throw strikes. I think Henry, Trest, and Monke still have a lot of potential not so sure about the others. Hopefully we can go into Bama and continue our great pitching and get some guys hitting the ball like they’re capable and at least win the series but we really need to sweep.

That was a five away game. The hogs gift wrapped all of those run for them! It was hard to watch. The offense has plenty of chances to score and failed to come through.
The walks and hitting batters was pitiful.
Just throw strikes period. Getting ahead in the count 0-2 and still walk or hit a batter.
It didn’t help the way Plunkett moved behind the late either but a lot of those pitches weren’t close at all! Some of these young pitchers have talent but these mid week series is wheee DVH figures out if they have the ability to handle SEC baseball and build pitching talent for the next season. Texas used 2 weekend arms out of the bull pen and the hogs didn’t.
I’m disappointed but I understand the way DVH builds the team. Preparing for post season he is finding out what each pitcher can do as well as what each position player can do in the field, on the base path and at the plate.
Go to Bama and win! That’s the most important task in front of our hogs.

Not disappointed at all…not anymore than when DVH uses the SEC Tourney every year to set up his pitching for the regional. The series this weekend much more important. The kid that closed the games, that was his 4th save and he pitched 3 innings, Texas may regret that this weekend.

Ole Miss beat UAPB 25-0 last nite called after 7. Hogs play the Golden Lions at Baum Apr 16.

Looking at the box, 4 Ole Miss pitchers threw a no hitter.

I just hate Texas and never like seeing the hogs get beat by the horns.

That’s not gonna help the Rebs RPI or ours. UAPB is #289 and actually went UP after that thrashing. Lions have played OU, Moo U and OM a total of four games and scored a total of two runs while giving up 59.

I sure hope they agree to a run rule game.