Texas State game and sec alternate channel

I have not been able to see anything on the sec alternate channel. Any suggestions on what I can do to see Saturday’s game?

I guess that it depends on your provider.

I have DirecTV. If the beginning of a game scheduled for the SEC network begins on SEC Alt, then I will not get that part of the game. For games that are actually scheduled to be shown on the alternate channel, I am able to watch those.

Looking at the listing, the Arkansas game is already shown in the guide. I have no doubt that I will be able to record the game from there.

If your television provider is in the list of providers for WatchESPN, you can watch it on WatchESPN.

It is channel 78 and 2078 on Cox in Northwest Arkansas.

I am on direct tv. I can get the game on my tv ESPN ap but I have never oven able to get anything on the alternate channel

I’m also on DirecTV. You should be able to go to the guide for 611-1 on Saturday at 6:30 PM and find the game scheduled. As long as the game shows in your guide, you will be able to watch and/or record it. Mine is already scheduled to record since I’ve selected Arkansas FB as my team and all games are set to automatically record.

Make sure you don’t have two alternates. On Comcast in LR we do.

Either of those seldom used.

U-Verse in NLR also has 2 SEC Alternate channels, 1608 & 1609. The game is already listed on 1608, so I’ve set it to record since I’m going to the game.

Like you I have DirecTV, but there are times when games are shown on 611-1 and when I turn on the channel, there isn’t anything but the blue screen that has the little DirecTV symbol floating around.

I just looked at my guide on line with direct tv and it does show the Texas state game so maybe I will be able to get the game! Sure hope so