Texas St - 10-1?

I hadn’t even checked them out. I just figured TX ST, another cupcake. Granted they haven’t beaten anyone, but geez, 10-1 and 5-1 on the road. Hopefully, we don’t hit the floor thinking, Christmas, here we come.

I think the hogs have figuring that one out by now! Since they’ve came back from Colorado they’ve been sleep walking. Getting beat twice at home may teach them a little about effort on both ends of the floor.
They just need a win.

No better medicine than a win to cure what’s ailing a pig pen full of Hogs ! We lack continuity,confidence,consistency, all which is typical of a young team. We should have been expecting this after watching Kentucky go through this with a pack of 5 star recruits over the years. Hopefully we turn the corner soon. WPS

Yes, The Bobbincats have swallowed 10 cupcakes, but they’ve also lost to Drake. That’s not quite as embarrassing as losing to Kanye, but it’s close. If we can rebound and take care of the basketball today, we should be able to pin loss # 2 on them.