Texas recruiting note

There are six 5-star prospects in Texas high schools this year according to Scout. Two of them are committed to one school. What is that school?

UT? Nope
A&M? Nah.
OU? Not them either.
Okie Lite? Nay.
Baylor? They have one 4-star and no 5-stars on their list
LSU? No.

Then who is it?

Ohio State, that’s who. In fact, both of them are already enrolled at Columbus.

Point, I suppose, is that recruiting Texas, or really anywhere else, isn’t what it used to be. An Ohio State or Michigan or Penn State can go almost anywhere and get players, cold weather or no. As we found out with K.J. Hill.

The 10th coach when he is hired could or should be someone that has a background and contacts in Texas as well as other recruiting areas. Recruiting is an on going non stop activity that never ends!
Fans need to learn that.
Winning solves the recruiting issues and having the balls to roll up your sleeves and work hungry and play with heart to win! Period! There are no fences between Arkansas and Texas and the Hogs have won more recently than the long horns. It’s about relationships and hard work.