Texas recruiting Arch Manning

I can’t read this because it’s behind a pay wall. However, I’ve read the summary and I’m just assuming the Arkansas Razorbacks don’t do anything like this for recruits:

So unlike the free tats, free mullet grooming and first grade reading lessons they gave to Quinn Ewers.


I read this a while back. It was almost overkill IMO. The amount of money spent was staggering. If they do this for every recruit - good for them. But I got the feeling that’s not the case. Could cause some recruits/current players hard feelings. Seriously way over the top. Texas has the $$ for sure and will have more soon from the SEC. I’ve not seen coaching step up to recruiting yet.

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According to the article (emphasis is mine):

Nine recruits, including Manning, received first-class treatment throughout their 48 hours in Austin, all paid for out of the school’s substantial recruiting budget.

Maybe I dreamed this, but i thought there was a limit on what you could do on official visits…that is to say, you COULD take them to a nice dinner, but there was a limit of maybe $200 per recruit or something very reasonable like that. I’m sure that’s long since been waived.

Crazy, wasteful world we live in. Priorities are bas-akwards in so many ways.


Remember. This is what most wanted. Most wanted the Wild West, and they got it. Now, it’s not working out how they thought it would. Top recruits will get rich, 99% won’t see a dime. The rich will continue to get richer, recruiting wise. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Just checked. No limit.

Thanks for checking, but I was pretty sure IF there ever had been such a limit (and I believe there was 15-20 years ago), it’s long gone in the NIL era.

You’re probably right. It’s truly a wild, wild west.

UT spent even more the next weekend with just a few more recruits on campus. It was close to $1M total for two weekends of Official visits. The spending wasn’t just on Arch

Seems ridiculous to me that this amount of money would need to be expended. Not for telling people how to spend their money, but sure hate to see waste and excess on steroids.

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