Texas QB offered as CB

CB Coach Mark Smith extended the offer.



Why as a CB instead of a QB? Is the young man really open to offers other than as a QB?

Hell of an athlete that’s not projected to be a DI QB. He’s not the first.

He’s like many other great athletes that play QB because its best for their team and not their future.

Frank Broyles frequently recruited high school QBs with the thought of moving them elsewhere. Chuck Dicus, for instance, was a QB in Garland, Texas. But he had played against Bill Montgomery in high school and was pretty sure he wasn’t going to beat out Bill. Worked pretty well; Chuck not only had an NFL career, he is in the CFB Hall of Fame.

Speaking of high school QBs from Texas in the 60s, James Street from Longview very nearly chose Arkansas over Texas. The decision came down to the fact that he also wanted to pitch in the SWC, and Arkansas didn’t compete in the SWC in baseball until the early '70s. Don’t know who would have won the QB battle between Street and Montgomery, but I do know he wouldn’t have been running that Wishbone for Darrell Royal. Or forcing fourth-down passes to Randy Peschel. (Street’s kid had a pretty fair career as a pitcher as well, as you may recall.)

As implied by Dudley’s post, the fact is that - especially for non-championship teams with limited talent - anyone that’s got enough ability to play at the high D1 level is almost always the best athlete on the team by a pretty fair margin. While they might not have aspirations to play QB at higher levels, it would almost be a disservice to the team for them to not play QB in HS.

In the days before limitations on scholarships offered, Frank used to sign 5-10 HS quarterbacks each year, and then let their ability sort out where they played. Cliff Powell, our All American LB out of Eudora, was a QB in HS. Steve Atwater, signed in the Hatfield years, was a stud QB. These guys, regardless of what position they end up playing, have alpha/lead characteristics that transfer in a positive fashion to their college teams.


Thanks for all the comments and information! :slight_smile: My initial questions were generated because of Richard’s wording used in his subject line. It made me wonder if some Texas kid that was looking to be picked up somewhere as a QB was noticed by the Hogs as a good athlete (per reasons noted by several) and offered a CB position instead.

Some guys just seem to called “athletes” and are recruited that way leaving open the option of where they would fit best for a given team’s needs. This guy was not referenced as an athlete, but instead was labeled as a QB.

Hopefully the young man will consider his offer from the Hogs seriously since the staff thinks he has real potential playing as as CB for us. Please keep us posted, Richard…

Hum! It seems suspicious to me , especially since the UA football program and its fan base have a history, out of all the SEC schools of not interested in starting an African American at their covenant QB position…just saying and perception does matter. No I believe Guinn Grover was the last under Coach Hatfield how long has that been?

Robert Johnson
Tavarius Jackson - who went on to become a starter in the NFL
Damon “Duwop” Mitchell

All either started or were given the opportunity

Dudley with the facts.
Coach Morris seemed to do well at Clemson
and SMU.

Change the narrative. Accentuate the positive.

On the same team, including Montgomery and Dicus, were eight former high school QBs.
Some of the eight were Cliff Powell, Eudora Ar, Jerry Moore, Benton Ar and Bobby Fields, Farwell Tx.

Response: Well none of the names you’ve mentioned never had the opportunity to start or play the QB position at UA, actually Tavarius had to transfer to another division one school to play and start QB and yes he was good enough to start QB for the Jacksonville Jags for several years until injuries start to take its toll. Duwop under CBB played but not at the QB position, I’m surprised he didn’t transfer out to another D1 school to play the position of his dreams …perception matters… hopefully this new coaching staff chooses a different path and is willing to use all the resources that wants to play for the UA

He never played for Jacksonville. That was a different black QB.

I agree the UA is racist. When was the last time they offered a white athlete as runningback? They make them walk on or play another position. Same as cornerback. No white athletes. So racist. The racial makeup of the team doesn’t even reflect the demographics of the country. /sarcasm

As I recall the 69 team that Montgomery and Dicus played on, the entire defense backfield were former HS QBs.