Texas, OU expected to stay in Big 12 until 2025

SIAP…have not seen this posted/discussed here, though it’s a few days old.

I take everything I hear about things like this with a grain of salt. During negotiations I’ve heard things like NEVER and ONLY IF, so many times it would make your head spin. All the while realizing its just one side or the other trying to position themselves for a better position or to appear to have leverage to get a better deal worked out. In the end, compromises are always made and deals are done.

It will all come down to network deals and when they want it done. Networks are who control the money spout. When they turn that spout on or off, people deal. Some conferences have such a good product that they can control the flow to a certain extent. I think the SEC and the B1G are such beasts, but the Big 12, ACC, and PAC are not on the same level.

Just my opine and until I see different, I’ll still believe a deal gets done sooner rather than later no matter what the “twisting in the wind” Big 12 wants to say about it.


The other critical factor is scheduling. It’s not just the 12/14 however many teams in the conference; it’s all of the other non-conference games they already have scheduled as well. It’s hard to “flip a switch” and change all of that without AT LEAST 2 years (the upcoming season and then the one after it) to work with. Changing all of those schedules quickly is a much larger challenge than most understand.

Initially, when the moves were announced in the summer of 2021, many fans were assuming OU and Texas would be playing SEC ball THIS fall. That was never going to happen. I thought that it MIGHT get done in time for the 2023 season, but more likely would be the 2024 campaign.

Now, I’m thinking unless they can put a stake in the ground within the next 6 months (for 2024), it will in fact be the 2025 season before those two migrate to the SEC.

Votan is 100% correct. All negotiating bluster and optics, pretending like they intend to hold Texas and OU to the Big 12 contract till it expires. He needs to maintain his leverage, so somebody will eventually write a big check to buy them out of it. Maybe ESPN? Fortunately for the Big12, they do have a binding contract with these two schools. That leverage cannot be compromised by loose lips.

Big 12 might want those two around for couple more years to pad their win records for playoffs. TCU, KSU and TT would like to play those two some more.

He is correct…but not “100%”.

If there were an infinite amount of money, he would be; but there is not.

So, even if the buyout, etc. issues are successfully negotiated and agreed upon - but, not until, say, this upcoming summer - I don’t think there will be enough time to make all of the scheduling changes (for Big 12 teams, for SEC teams, and ALL of the teams those schools have scheduled for non-conference games in 2024) to allow OU and Texas to participate in the 2024 SEC schedule.

Otherwise, I agree with him.

Most of SEC schools are fine waiting on this to happen later when a new TV contract might be ready and they don’t lose money on the merger.

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Hunter Yurachek spoke about this quite a bit when he was at our HI luncheon two weeks ago. His comments do not make it sound like either team will join before 2025.

“Well, 2025 is when the commissioners have told us they’re coming, because they can’t get out of their grant of rights agreement with the Big 12. So the Big 12 would have to let them out of the grant of rights agreement without a significant fee. So right now we’re planning for Texas and Oklahoma to be a member of the SEC officially July 1, 2025.”

What would it take for them to join early? Because there’s a lot of people who think that could eventually happen.

“Well, the Big 12 is going to have to let them out of their agreement for the last year, first and foremost. And then we would have to kind of move forward with the scheduling process. Right now we’re looking at the scheduling process for football and the other 18 sports that we sponsor for 2025. So we’d have to expedite that process as well.”

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