Texas OL has his share of Arkansas fans

Nice article, Richard. Seeing as how he’s seen fans swarming the field on two occasions, and considering how the weather is/was forecast to be miserable against Missouri (with a low fan turnout), my gut feeling is he will favor a Texan team in the long run. Hope I’m wrong. It’s just the way his comments struck me.

Maybe he should see all our videos of us swarming the field after the Texas game.

seems like an independent family. according to 247 he has a brother who is TE at Tulane…

His father Michael Deal is the defensive line coach at Naaman Forest and played on the defensive and offensive lines for Texas-El Paso in 1995-98. His mother Nicki played volleyball and basketball for the Miners. His older brother Devean Deal is a freshman defensive lineman at Tulane.

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What are our chances Richard?

I believe good but lots of comp.

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Michael will be in Fayetteville on Sunday. They’ll be visiting family for a day or two.

He’'ll try and attend Sunday’s practice. All depends on his sister’s volley ball game that day. They’re also going to try and attend Tuesday’s practice too.

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Markis Deal is a huge talent and likely an All-SEC level player. We need him playing for the Razorbacks.

From all I’ve seen you are spot on - if we get him our OL is going to be in great shape going forward.