Texas offers Arkansas LB commit Andrew Parker...

Per Richard, it’s now a three-team race between Arkansas, Texas A&M and Texas.

He said last night on Richard’s radio show that was 60 percent sure he would visit Texas A&M next weekend.

The suddenly popular LB now will assess his options, but says a visit to Texas is “likely.”

The Unknown is becoming Known. :sunglasses:

This illustrates the respect Chavis has among his peers.

it also shows our NEW FOUND presence in TX!!!

And it also demonstrates just how silly people are when they see us offering/getting a commitment from a “two star” and lamenting that we’re wasting a scholarship.

That kind of talk generally stems from the fact that the person making it has not heard of, or is not familiar with the player prior to the commitment, and/or that he has a low star rating.

It was explained, at the time, that this young man played at a new HS that didn’t fare well during the season and wasn’t on the recruiting trail of all the coaches just yet. And now, we see that there is suddenly a LOT of high-profile interest in him.

Once again, coaches evaluation > average recruiting fan’s knowledge.

“Once again, coaches evaluation > average recruiting fan’s knowledge.” And you cannot sign them if you do not offer them and even if you offer, you still got to get them on campus if they do not know about you on a personal level before hand.

This staff has done. a very good job of finding, getting offers , and trying to close the deal given the short amount of time to work with. The dual signing period is proving to be a blessing and a curse when someone form a top program loses a recruit the shift to the next player leaves little time to recover unless you have done your homework before hand. This Parker kid is one of many such examples.

I’ll ask the obvious…why bother with making a commitment if you are unsure enough about it to continue taking visits and are going to publish a “top 3” after making the commitment? If you are committed, you have a “Top 1.” Otherwise, you are not really committed.


Pretty simple reason.

Because he didn’t have the offers from Texas A&M and Texas

I think it’s safe to say that he is nolonger committed. This stuff I’ve heard these kids say when it comes to recruiting just blows my mind. For instance…’Yes sir, I’m still committed. I’m going to visit _______ &_______, I will then announce on _____ who I will be signing with.’ I most definitely couldn’t be a coach or deal with these kids in any way, shape or form when it comes to recruiting. I have no tolerance or desire to involve myself in such nonsense. I would not be good at recruiting. I would tell a kid to be sure he is 100% committed and has no plans to entertain any other offers after he commits. If you aren’t certain, hold off until you are. If you commit, I’m counting on you to fill a spot on this roster. If a kid commits and then takes a official to another school, I’d drop the kid like a bad habit. That’s just me. I’m not made up to play these games and deal with all the nonsense. I guess this is just part of it and that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

A commitment from generation X means nothing! Take it for what it’s worth.

Well, this problem was probably caused by coaches in the first place. I understand your sentiment and I agree with you up to a degree - generation x doesn’t seem to hold the same values as older generations (I’m generation x myself). But committing to a school without being 100% certain stems from the fact that these recruits don’t want to be left hanging on signing day. Prime example is Philon. If you wait until the end to commit, then schools may not have enough room to take you and you’re left scrambling to find a new home. This is a systemic problem, not a generational one.

I guess they must have a differs understanding of the meaning of commitment?

Makes sense. So in reality, he was committed until what he perceives to be a ‘better’ offer came. That’s too bad.

It would also help if coaches like Saban were held accountable. That’s a pipe dream, I know. But he routinely pulls offers on long-committed kids at the last minute.

I think the early signing period will help with a lot of that–which is one reason Saban hates it so much.

But, it will also lead to some of this–where previously overlooked players are suddenly in high demand once one P5 program “discovers” them in the late period.

There’s very little loyalty in any of it.

I don’t think there should be a signing day at all. Every day should be signing day. A kid should be able to sign a letter of intent at any time. Once a kid comimits, hand him a pen. Both sides will immediately know where they stand with each other. Coaches can’t BS the kids. If that coach really wants the kid, he can prove it by handing him a pen. If a kid is truly committed, no reason to put it off, sign. This way both kids and coaches will know how serious the other is.

Makes too much sense. The Sabans of the world wouldn’t allow it. They want to preach about commitment and accountability and discipline, but let a better prospect fall to them in late January and sorry, long-term commitment, we have a blue shirt available for you or I hear there’s a spot down the road at South Alabama.

It isn’t just a hypothetical. It happened a few years ago. Kid from Alabama had been committed since early in the season. Season was fine. No injury. No grade issues.

A few days before NSD, Saban pulls the offer and the kid ended up at South Alabama. Can you imagine how devastating that was for the kid?

Meanwhile, Saban caught no heat at all about it. Recruiting writers noted it was due to a “Numbers crunch”.

And, the beat went on.

But, he has no problem lecturing everyone on what they’re doing wrong.

He’s a hypocrite.

Just so we are clear on terminology…none of these recruits are “Generation X”, they would have had to be born between the early 60’s and the late 70’s to be of that generation. If we are recruiting guys in that age range we will never beat Bama! :smiley:

Sucks re: Parker, but I’m thankful Myles Mason was not well acquainted with the meaning of the word and I hope Tyree Wilson is not a man of his word to the Gaggies.

Win some lose some

Win more games. Saban and similar coaches are selling winning. We recruit better when we win and we need to do more of that.

I believe that both Mississippi State and A&M both had staff changes since both of these guys originally made their choices a while back. I suspect some Hog fans are frustrated in this situation where this young man made his commitment to the current staff recently. Not sure apples to apples.