Texas' new Basketball arena (Moody Center)...didja know

…that its capacity for Basketball games is only around 10,000?

Surprised me a little. That’s a significant drop from the Super Drum, which held over 16K for hoops.

Sounds like typical Texas snobbery

But I’m sure it’s spectacular

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The Super Drum was constructed as a multipurpose facility and as such never offered the court nearess theater effect for basketball provided by BWA. I suspect the new arena will be in the Auburn style and in a strange way will be out-of-date as measured by capacity from opening night. I find it hard to believe UT, Austin, and Travis County did not opt for a mid-teen arena capacity.

Beyond excited to be covering the game this weekend. Never been to Austin. Looking forward to a competitive scrimmage. One of my favorite country artists just played at the Moody Center. Wish he could’ve been there about a week later.

This is the trend for basketball — larger premium areas, lower capacity.

Arkansas will scale back on the Bud Walton Arena capacity at some point.

Some really good bbq in the area without having to wait in line for hours at Franklin’s. It’s good Q but long wait. John Mueller Meat Co. is a food truck set up that allows byob. One of the best briskets I’ve ever had. Sausage was good too.

I think the best Q outside of Franklin’s in Austin is Valentina’s in South Austin on Menchaca. They don’t serve with white bread but rather with home made tortillas

I foresee Scottie going to the Broken Spoke and eating chicken fried steak while listening to some Texas swing.


The true Mexican food is good in Austin, too. My dad had some places as taught him by Jones Ramsey, the late Texas SID. Jones would come to Little Rock for a week and stay with my dad. He ate ice cream in huge quantities. My dad took him to Bruno’s and Hank’s Doghouse, both on Asher.

My dad always knew where the good food was at in Texas. He found good Mexican food in San Antonio when the SWC hoops tournament was there

Your post reminds me of this song I ran across last summer. It compares food in Austin and San Antonio, among other things.

I think Austin was the first city where I ate at a Mexican restaurant and none of the waiting staff spoke English. That was back in 1984. That’s before the explosion of Mexican restaurants around the nation. I forget the name of it but it was supposedly one of the go to places back then.

I ate great Mexican food in Boerne (might as well have been San Antonio) this summer with Hoginstein. They had a one-man band singing George Strait songs. Terrific.

I’ve been craving some good tacos lately. If anyone has any recs for tacos in Austin, please hit me up. But yeah, I do want to find some live music the night before the game. No question.

Also, just found my old cowboy boots. Hadn’t been able to spot them for over a month since our move to Fayetteville. I’m ready to ride now.

I lived in Manhattan Beach, Ca. from 1984-87 and again 1989. I found a good Mexican restaurant there (2 blocks off the beach) of all places. I don’t know about Austin, but I would think a bad, or even marginal, Mexican restaurant in San Antonio would not last 3 weeks.

Don’t take this as a “diss” on your highly respected Dad, Clay…but Stevie Wonder could locate a dozen good Mexican Food restaurants in San Antonio with his nose pinched closed…lol…

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This is a good place to get BBQ that has locations all across South Texas…I love their moist brisket and BBQ sauce. Good potato salad as well.


Thought this was interesting from today’s Zoom interviews with players and Eric:


Understand your first point, and agree with the second…

But “scale back” for Bud Walton would still be 17K plus. I’m just surprised a “Boom town” like Austin didn’t opt for a capacity of 12-15K.

Velvet Taco … mix and match a few different taco types, but one should be the Kobe Bacon Burger taco … you can thank me later.


The mention of Hank’s Doghouse brings a smile to my face.