Texas LB likes vibe at Arkansas

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received a scholarship offer from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville during his visit to go along with ones he has from Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, TCU, UCLA, Ole Miss and others. Oklahoma extended an offer Sunday.

What towns are all the other schools in??? What about Oklahoma State?
Is it in…DUUHHHHHH…Tulsa? Bixby? What about Ole Miss? Jackson? Yazoo City? Natchez? This is so confusing.

A&M, College Station, OSU, Stillwater, TCU, Ft. Worth, Ole Miss, Oxford.

Good reply Richard. I know you would not be doing this if it wasn’t being forced on you. It’s amazing that the ownership of this paper has dug their heels in on this knowing that it sickens so many Hog fans. What really looks dumb is to be reading an article about the Hogs and way down in the article here comes the U of A, Fayettevillle thing.

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