Texas gives Arkansas RPI a boost

Big win for the Longhorns 92-89 over #7 North Carolina in the Las Vegas Classic

I SO hate seeing them win (though I’m no fan of NC). But as i was watching it, I kept telling myself that it helped us for them to win.

Of course, I was also telling myself that we absolutely should have beaten them when we played them 2 weeks ago. We so blew that game, multiple times.

I still HATE Texas. Always will.

Hope we get them again in the NCAA Tournament. I assume they will be better than they were when we played them before. But I KNOW we will.

You made me proud by making that statement! Every true hog fan should hate Texas.
The hogs gave that game away. They will need to improve defensive rebounding and free throw shooting as the season goes along.

Yeah, just one made FT in the last minute would have meant the difference between 1 single vote in the polls and being a top 20 team. A win over TX plus a win over the Hoosiers would have our RPI way up there now. Our RPI will drop with each of our next 5 wins. Maybe not with a win at CO St.

edit: lol, there are some crazy numbers this early in the RPI! Our RPI is currently #335. There are dozens of winless teams who’s RPI is higher than ours. Indiana’s RPI got killed when we beat them. They are currently #115. I can’t imagine what crazy early numbers the RPI starts with at the beginning of the season. Texas’ RPI is #6.