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I read that whole thread off and on since you posted it and just finished. Outside of the normal Arkansas bashing (some intelligent folks chimed in here and there with actual good takes), it was weird/hard going back through the Morris era in that thread. Funny to see it’s still going and it brought us up to present day.

Have recognized after 60 yrs in TX that one common sentiment by most ut fans is that every school is beneath them, without class, & not worthy of their respect.

ut’s arrogance & self importance over other schools, due to their deep pockets, is primary to their DNA & what empowers them to believing they are the better than all others, both in academics & athletics. For that reason, I don’t get my feathers ruffled when I read & hear them bashing the Hogs, Arkansas, & our fans.

As with most ut rivalries with other schools, the ut/AR rivalry was not a healthy one. Happy that the dysfunctional ut & SWC(Big12) are in our rear-view mirror & would prefer it remain that way. SEC was a great move for Arkansas.


Yes most on there aligned with your take. I also noticed the fact that they no one addressed or seem to actually realize the writing on the wall for Arkansas during that period of transition. Maybe one poster mentioned that we asked the Big 8 about getting in. No one addressed the fact that Texas had so much control as part of it and that we KNEW we were not getting in the Big XII. They seem to think that we had all the choices in the world and chose to leave willy nilly. Of course we all know the winning hasn’t been rampant in football but it was a fantastic move. Their heads are too far up their own rears to realize UT is/was the problem.

I enjoyed reading the folks that acknowledged how big our rivalry actually was to many Texas fans back in the day and how some still consider it a decent rival (some still hate us) and would love to play again etc etc etc.

Clay had mentioned that ut planned to block UofA from being a member of any SWC/Big 8 merger. ut also planned for Baylor, Rice, SMU, & UofH to be excluded. The SEC believed that inviting Arkansas to the conference would entice ut & aTm to follow & the SEC get the lucrative Texas television market. However, ut did not want to open up Texas to SEC recruiting, Also ut would not accept being an equal in a more powerful & balanced SEC conference.

ut always makes decisions based on what is best for them, financially & otherwise & being the team in control. They denied UH from Big 12 due to UH embarrassing them in football & ut wanting the Houston recruiting market. ut tried to force aTm to remain in the Big12 until they too tired of being subservient to ut . NE, MO, & CO left after learning ut was quietly negotiating a move to PAC12 while they publicly committed to remaining in the Big12. Geographically WV being in Big12 makes no sense, but they had no other options. Most Big12 teams would prefer to leave the Big12 & ut after the conference contract expires in 2025 - so will see if that happens. Unfortunately, many Big12 teams have limited options. ut could possibly become an independent.

The SWC was dysfunctional in part because of ut & not much better in the Big12. Just be glad we are no longer a part of that.

It’s pretty well known that Texas politics saved Baylor and Tech when the SWC imploded. Texas Gov. (at the time) Ann Richards was a Baylor grad, and the legislature was controlled by West Texas politicians who were going to take care of Tech. In addition, the Lieutenant Governor at the time, Bob Bullock (under Texas’ screwy constitution, the Lt. Gov actually has more power than the governor *) was a graduate of Tech AND Baylor. And they let it be known that if the Bears and Raiders didn’t get to join UT/TAM in the Big 12, there would be hell to pay at appropriations time. So the invitations went out to Wacko and Lubbock.

  • I know this because my medical degree from EOE-Galveston somehow had a prerequisite of a course in Texass government, which I took by correspondence from EOE-Austin in the days before online courses. It emphasized that the Texas constitution was written to promote decentralized power more than anything else, so the governor actually doesn’t have much power at all. But the LG controls both the Texas Senate and the Legislative Budget Board. So Bullock absolutely could have clogged up the works on appropriations for EOE-A and TAM.)

And when aTm planned to leave the Big 12, ut tried to force the Texas legislature to cut aTm funding to coerce them into remaining.

No surprise that OU, KU, & Iowa State want to leave & are upgrading facilities & coaching staffs to make themselves marketable to another conference. Iowa St will do whatever to keep Campbell since he is Big 10 background which is their obvious & preferred destination. Unfortunately for KU, Jeff Long/Les Miles train wreck derailed their efforts for Big 10 or anywhere. Ok St being tied to OU is apparently the hurdle for OU to make their move - to either SEC or Big10. TT would probably go to the PAC.

You guys summed it up way better than I did of course about all that went on back then when we left. My question is, do you guys think all UT fans are as ignorant to these events as those on that thread or are they the vocal minority?

Most ut fans here are aware of past events, but live in their ut bubble. Their mindset is that ut is entitled & better than all others so stereotype other teams, including Arkansas, accordingly. They use their money to leverage control over the conference & position themselves to be the dominant conference team that makes all decisions - thus the ongoing dysfunction of the Big12 with teams that have nowhere else to go. ut fans would struggle as an equal in a conference like the SEC

It seems that they (fans, alum, admins) should be able to see the failures in UT logic and how changes to said logic and behavior could help save the conference. I do recall one poster in there saying that the little dozen could be in trouble, but he (by and large) got ignored and/or blasted. Many of said folks wanted and/or saw (as many on here have stated over the years) how Arkansas would be a great regional add to the little dozen. Obviously, I don’t think it will ever happen, but it really is a bummer that a power 5 conference in the middle of the country is in such a volatile position. I’m not saying they won’t survive, maybe they will, but if they didn’t and a power 4 was created? I just think that would muddy the already murky waters of conf expansion. Too many teams not getting to play each other very often being my biggest gripe. And it would all be the fault of ONE INSTITUTION. I wish they could wake up and change their ways.

I have a number of friends here in Austin that are in the 55 to 65 year old range. They all believe that the Longhorn network was a horrible idea. They are also very much looking forward to the Hogs and horns.

Not many want to go back in time & relive the SWC days where Arkansas’ had only one big game - against ut. All SEC games are big games & the level of competition much better. Give us time to recruit & rebuild Hog football & undo the damage of the Beliema & Morris years. Not long ago we were ranked top 5. UofA is geographically well positioned to recruit talented TX football where most players would prefer the SEC exposure & almost 50% of UofA student body from TX.

longhorn network has been a thorn in ut’s side & may have prevented their move to the PAC. However, Big12 teams lacked interest in a conference Network & the conference too unstable. LH network lost $48M in its 1st 5 yrs so its viability thru 2031 questionable.

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