Texas fans....

Look of shell shock after the last OU TD then the Longhorn TD being called back made my day. Not to mention the OU interception that sealed the win.

Consider this a downward hook um horns sign…

This is one of those games where you hope for a selective meteor strike. I don’t want either one of them to win. OU, in the playoffs, with that defense? Yikes.

OU is one of the best 4 teams. No doubt they should be in the playoffs. You’re wrong. Defense is what it is. And no one should hate OU as badly as they do Texas.

Agree Jeff. When you have the choice between Tea Sippers and Paperclips it’s tough but for an old dude like me…hating the horns win.

OU won’t go far. At least IMO

Just need to beat your opponent by 1 point. OU’s offense is the real deal. I’d love them to play Bama.

So who do you have in the top 4? Bama, Georgia, no (OU), The TattoO State U, Clemson, Notre Dame? Edit: Oh yeah, UCF is going to be undefeated. They are up 56-41 with 1:44 left in the game over Memphis High.

BTW, I despise texass , but if they had won, neither school would have made the CFP.

Of course there is plenty of doubt. It’s a subjective argument. Some people think a team should be able to at least play a little defense in order to be considered one of the 4 best teams.

I would have them in but it isn’t a slam dunk by any stretch. I believe the 4 best teams are Bama, Clemson, OU and UGA.

I think the committee will select Bama, Clemson, ND and OU.

I get all bunched up about UT and then I see the uniforms and hear the fight song (Texas Taps) and I immediately regenerate a little of the love/hate/lust I had when younger (even at UA in college). Nothing was more enjoyable than the UT all white baseball uniforms…until they beat the Hogs. I learned to root for UT vs OU late in my college days.

Keeping OU out of the playoff with the gimmicky defense? Easy to root for the horns.

Of course, it is really fun to make fun of the horns as well!

SUCK! Sorry I was only responding to the subject line on this thread. Texas (spit) SUCKS!

you can go to walmart stores in oklahoma no Razorback shirts pants no nothing that has any thing to with the Razorbacks Fort Smith walmart stores is full of stuff[crap] from oklahoma would like to see oklahoma and texas short horns lose every game

Ok, right it is subjective. But OU needs to be in. Conference champion with one loss. Georgia had its shot and blew it (in part by a silly fake punt). Plus, it got beat by 20 by a pretty marginal LSU team. OU’s offense smooths over all defensive rough edges. Also, truth be told, who really has a dominant defense these days anyway? OU can make any defense look bad, including Alabama’s. I promise, Bama will not relish playing OU. Murray is unlike any QB Bama has faced. And I bet that’s the first playoff game for Bama.

Not sure I understand that sentence . . . can you explain what you were trying to say there? It just doesn’t seem to fit the context of this thread or your other comments in the post.

If you’re telling me I’m wrong, I take that as absolute confirmation that I’m correct.

Georgia is a top 4 team and shouldn’t be penalized because they lost to probably the best college football team of all time.

Let Georgia in.

I don’t want to see Bama get a bye week with OU. They will destroy them.

Unfortunately, it will be OU. So get ready for another Bama, Clemson national championship.

Warms my heart, Swine. The CFB selection committee (including Ken Hatfield) and I send our regards. We got it right. Again, you got it wrong. Per usual.

Bama is not going to destroy OU. Bama may win but OU will acquit itself nicely. Bama hasn’t seen a QB like Murray.

Murray hasn’t seen a team like Bama.

Bama wins by 2 touchdowns.

I’m not sure Alabama has seen a playmaker like Murray.

There is a difference between not having a dominate defense and having an absolutely awful defense.

OU had an absolutely awful defense. I felt like they would get in because the games matter and UGA missed its chance.

But, I think most that watch the 2 teams see that UGA is better—they just have 2 losses because they play in a tougher league.

Sorry, didn’t mean to be daft. The all-white UT uniforms for baseball are so awesome. I love them. Then, they beat the Hogs (old SWC days) and I hate them. But, if the Hogs aren’t involved they are maybe my favorite uniform besides UA’s.


SUCK! Sorry I was only responding to the subject line on this thread. Texas (spit) SUCKS!


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