Texas falls to Texas State 6-4

That last out in the 9th had to echo across the state… the Mighty Longhorns have fallin to the ugly step-child known as Texas State. Though in fairness TSU is now 11-3 with a top 15 RPI… they are no easy meat. Still this has to burn the backside in Texas… too bad there is no longer a Soggy Burrito to make fun of down there anymore.


Texas state has a very good team… #17 only lost by one run the night before they are legitimate.

BooHoo Bwaaahahahaha!!:grin:

Called strike 3 with 2 men on for TX to end it. So sorry

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We keep seeing more examples of increasing parity in college baseball. Part of that is just the nature of baseball, but I have to think that extra covid years may play a factor. Obviously, mid-week games can be an adventure for even the best of teams.

I think Stanford lost twice last week (maybe it was just once) after looking so good against us in Round Rock. Mississippi State has struggled. Northeastern swept N.C. State last weekend at State.

The Omaha team we beat so bad last week beat UCLA this year, and UCLA beat Texas last weekend.

Those 25 year old grad students are seriously affecting the game.

And in more bad news for the Fightin’ Fallopians, RHP Tanner Witt tore his UCL and will need Tommy John surgery.

There have been a lot of injuries to elite arms this year. Mississippi State hasn’t announced what is going on with Landon Sims, but the eye told you what happened to him at Tulane last week didn’t look good. Arkansas lost Peyton Pallette, Tennessee hasn’t pitched Blake Tidwell and Duke and UConn have also lost top arms.

I watched a little bit of it, but kept up with the Texas-Texas State games the last couple of nights. They were really entertaining. The Texas players seemed to be bothered by the heckling they received in San Marcos the night before. The Longhorns waved at the crowd and the Texas State bench when they won 9-8 on Tuesday; the Texas State closer threw the horns down toward the Texas dugout when he struck out Ivan Melendez to end the game Wednesday.

Texas State looks like a good team, or at least a hot one. The Bobcats had just beaten Arizona in Tucson and also swept Ohio State. The Sun Belt must be pretty great this season because Texas State was only picked to finish seventh in that league.

Yeah that’s what I thought about when I saw Sim’s shaking his arm. I said Peyton Palette did the same thing. I’ll be very shocked if it’s not a season ending injury.

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