Texas Depth Chart--# 5

Coach Pittman said that # 5, Running Back Robinson, also returns punts and kicks. This depth chart shows that # 5 indeed does return punts and kicks, but it isn’t Robinson. Not sure how our scout team could miss that when they briefed Coach Pittman. Texas releases Arkansas depth chart - Burnt Orange Nation

I doubt neither the scout team nor Coach Pittman have missed anything when it comes to Bijan Robinson. Weather or not the Horns have multiple #5’s or not (they do…he other is a DB that looks nothing like nor plays anywhere near the level of Robinson), I’m confident the Hogs will know where Bijan is on the field.

I expect the Hogs will also know where #4 is too. Jordan Whittington is an absolute stud WR. He’s a Sophomore from Cuero, and what he did to Pleasant Grove 3 years ago in the state championship game was the single best high school performance I’ve seen since Basil Shabazz’s game against Texarkana in 1990. (Whittington rushed for 334 yards on 28 carries, 5 TDs, and had 3 receptions for 43 yards,1 TD)

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