Texas delays HS football for big schools

By five weeks, starting practice on Sept. 7 and games on Sept. 24. This is because the bigger schools tend to be in the cities like Houston that are being hard-hit in the pandemic right now,. This decision covers Class 5A and 6A. The smaller classes still start football and volleyball practice on August 3.


Daughter lives in Fort Worth. Told today schools will not open until September 28. There are only 5 kids in her blended family

I saw somewhere that the Houston ISD won’t have students back on campus until at least October. Online until then.

I am in Austin and the University I work at has went to online only for the fall. We will have students in residence halls but only one student per room.

Is that the university whose name shall not be spoken? :face_vomiting:

Nope! St. Edward’s University, we are the sister school of Notre Dame. Se Brother started both schools.

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