Texas Bowl win seems so long ago

All very sad right now.

After Texas Bowl and 5-3 SEC record the next season, I thought Bielema was the right Coach, thought happy times ahead.

The TCU victory last year was more of that.

Since that time, a total nightmare.

Anybody else notice the markedly different paths Arkansas and TCU have followed since ?

TCU was a young team last year. If you’ve followed Gary Patterson’s career, a rebound year could have been predicted. He has had three losing seasons at TCU, and following the previous two losing seasons he won a conference championship the next year. He’s an outstanding coach. I never expect TCU to be down for long while he is the head coach there.

Your correct about Gary Patterson. He is a defensive minded coach but his offense is pretty good!
We are young this year at several positions and should be better next year. The concern is whether or not these young hogs will get an effective staff to lead them!
Last night Auburn did to Cole Kelly what the hogs should have done to Mond.
I’m year 5 we should be better.
I can’t forget about that horrible loss to Toledo.