Texas athlete Kelvontay Dixon commits to Arkansas...

he’s No. 11

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … mate-hill/

Arkansas continues to add much-needed speed to the roster

Wow! Very excited about this one.

Welcome to the family Kelvontay.

I like this one for sure. He can run.

I keep thinking about the coach that told the TD Club you could win a NC with E. TX players, plus the best that AR has. We sure seem to be giving that a try. Nice to know these coaches know what Texas has. That has historically (when we had good teams) been our formula.

Awesome news. Welcome to the Razorback family, KD.

ANOTHER WR??? Where are the rest of these players we need???

Good player, don’t get me wrong but come on.

What’s next? Another QB?

If you actually read the article, it says Dixon could play a variety of positions and Tom Lemming thinks he may wind up at DB. But let’s not let that get in the way of your rant.

Yea! I hope this guy decommits! Great talent and speed, but that’s not what we need at all! Multiple websites list he could play WR, RB, or DB, but we have to make sure he decommits so that we can get more LBs, FBs, and OGs!


Awesome pick up.
A true multi position player with speeeeed.




No where in the article did it say anything about WR.

Obviously we’ve known for awhile since Richard wrote the story before he went on vacation and I just updated,

Gifted, multi-talented 4-star athlete. Can he help our

Great addition to this class and our team. A kid that can play multiple positions, is very quick twitch and has a lot of speed to go with it! Way to go coaches…love the commitment!!!

Dixon caught 84 passes for 1288 yards in 2018, it is unlikely he every plays DB at Arkansas.

The kid seems to be able to make some explosive plays on both sides of the ball. I suspect the coaches will put him where they think he can have the most success.

He appears to have the potential to be a dangerous KR and PR. We need that. That can change games quickly.

Historically (probably before your time) we recruited many quarterbacks because they were usually the best athletes on the team. Then many were developed at other positions and put where the coaches thought they could be best for the team. Nothing says that this player or perhaps some of the others who are coming in as wide receivers cannot be moved to another position where the speed (etc.) can be most beneficial. Apparently Tom Lemming (who knows one hell of a lot more about football than most or all of us) thinks that Kelvontay might be switched to defensive back. Whatever, I think that we should be most happy to have him, which certainly does not dilute the fact (I think your point) that we also need quality offensive linemen (a position the above probably cannot move into) and linebackers. My guess is that the coaches will please you (us) with subsequent commitments in the areas where we currently have concerns. For now, let’s be happy with these quality guys that the coaches have procured so far and be patient.

“ESPN rates Dixon a 4-star prospect, the No. 55 recruit in Texas and No. 30 athlete in the nation. National recruiting analyst Tom Lemming of CBS Sports Network rates Dixon a 4-star plus prospect.”

“Dixon is one the better athletes in Texas,” Lemming said. “In my opinion, the best player in eastern Texas. He can play a couple of positions. He’s a quick-twitch athlete. I believe his best position is defensive back.”

That’s pretty much all I need. Thanks, Mr. Dixon, for choosing my beloved Razorbacks!

I agree that he is a quality athlete and a great addition to the team. We need these Texas athletes and Coach Morris has opened the pipeline for us.