Texas-Arlington beat Texas tonight in Austin

The Mavericks won by a final score of 72-61. Arkansas’ game against the Longhorns next month is looking more winnable. Texas is now 3-3 with three straight double-digit losses.

What the Shaka is going on in Austin?

I got a chance to watch Texas when they played Northwestern and Colorado, and after seeing them play I felt VERY good about our chances of beating them in Houston.

First thing they are really young and inexperienced, they are lead by sophomores and freshman, while they are very talented, they aren’t Kentucky level underclassmen that can carry a team at a high level, with not much experience. Also, they don’t really have any good shooters, that can get them back in the game when they get down. They are really dependent on their guards attacking the rim for their production. I suspect this is a team that’s going to struggle at the beginning of the season, just because they are so young. But, this is not a team I would want to play in February or March because they will be much better then. You watch Kerwin Roach, Tevin Mack, and Jarrett Allen and you know it’s just a matter of time before they figure it out, they have so much talent. I don’t think they will have it figured it by mid-December when we play them though, I like Hogs in that game.